- EZ-054 Liger Zero X

 The Liger Zero X is perhaps one of the funnest Liger kits to mess with. It has tons of movable gimmicks, unique clear armor, and an excellent color scheme. It also has a unique design scheme among Liger CAS and comes with both the X armor, and the red Liger Zero Empire armor.

Box Images

Zoids Fan Book Vol. 6.5

- Lore

Technical Data:
Released: Oct 27th, 2001
Cost: 3000 Yen
Motor: x2 AAA Batteries
Pieces: 159 To Assemble
 * 122 to assemble Empire
 - 68 Body Pieces
 - 36 for Empire Armor
 - 73 for X Armor
 - 18 Caps (18 are used)
Length: 24.0 m
Height: 9.8 m
Weight: 115.0 t
Max Speed: 315 km/h
CAS (Changing Armor System)
Chaff Dispensor x4
Cutter Fairing x2
Drum Condensor
Earth Unit x1
Electron Driver (Back, forward deployment)
Electron Driver Radiation Fin Set of 4 x4
Objective Blade Sensor
Optical Camouflage (Active Stealth)
Static Generator x2
Stun Blade (Side deployment)

Zoids Battle Story

ZAC 2101  The Ray Force, which escaped from the attack by the Eisen Dragoons thanks to the help of the Gunbluster, learned of the terrifying ambitions of Imperial Regent Prozen through this battle. He intended to wait for both the Empire and the Republic troops to exhaust themselves, then would lead a rebellion to destroy both nations all at once. In addition, Prozen was trying to revive the Demon Beast, Death Saurer. Knowing this fact, the Republican Command launched a plan to revive the Mad Thunder, the only Zoid that could compete with the Death Saurer. This development plan began at the Dark Continent Entrance Base. But the base was already being targeted by an assassin. That assassin was the Liger Zero developed by the Empire, the Dark Beast King, the Liger Zero X. Can the successor of the Command Wolf, the König Wolf, protect the Mad Thunder from the raid of the X?

Fuselage Explanation

 The Liger Zero, an experimental machine that was developed by the Empire, was stolen and completed by the Republic. However, trailing half a year behind the Republic, the Empire-made Zero was finally completed. That unit was the X. It had an Electron Driver and two drum capacitors, and more stealth capabilities than the Shadow Fox. It was capable of all sorts of electric shock attacks, including fighting with Stun Blades.

- Review

    Liger Zero X, in my opinion, one of the coolest Ligers around. The style of the Imperial Army is definitely different from that of the Republic, and this really shows with the unique design of this electrical unit.

    Liger Zero X was possibly the first Zoid (that comes to mind) to come with two completely different armors. The only down side is that this is on only a single frame, so you'll need to be purchasing two of these kits to have them both. If you weren't aware, the second armor provided is the red and gold armor for the Liger Zero EM.

    X is also the first of the Zero platform to lack armor for the lower legs. While many consider this a negative point to the Zoid, I think it pulls it off quite well without looking out of place. Not to ramble on, but I also found that the NJR, or at least before its last days, was very keen on choosing beautiful colors for their kits. The X's color scheme is not just a good one, but they were able to achieve shades of gold and blue that were very vibrant and effective.

- Images


    Amazing design.
    Incredible articulation on the Blades (rivaling the Berserk Fuehrer).
    Additional armor (good for customizing, if nothing else).
    Rubber pieces have not shown signs of breaking due to page.
    Many gimmicks and movable parts compared to most NJRs.

    Repetitive leg design with now lower leg armor, leaving an unbalanced and fragile look.

- Gimmicks

- Aero Fairings

 Zero X has a very interesting face design, especially for the blue pieces. They are all separate pieces, and are not actually attached by larger pegs, but just by 'bumps' on the connection point. You wouldn't think that this would hold together very well, but it does. They can be rotated outwards, or inwards.

- Cockpit

 Of course, the cockpit opens too. It flips forward at the noise, and the gold and blue head armor goes with it.

- Head Armor

 Just under the golden head piece is a one-part armor. Although very low range, it can move just a little to flare up.

- Neck Armor

 In spite of the appearance of X's neck armor, it is one piece, not multiples, like the facial armor. This doesn't move much, but enough so for it to hang downwards, or tuck up against the neck.

- Blade Sensors & Leg Armor

 This is possibly the coolest feature of the X, next to the blades. Each leg is equipped with a piece of armor that falls over two sets of sensory blades. The blades are set into two rows, and each row is attached by a bar. So, the left and right blades will rotate together, but the top and bottom blades are separate.
    Black armor over the shoulder has a translucent cover. Through this armor you can clearly see the hidden sensory blades beneath. The whole black piece flips upwards, allowing quick access to the sensory blades.

- Cockpit

 X has the most articulated blade design that I've encountered on any Liger. This really sets it apart from the Schneider, at least to me, and the double-plated design is equally unique.

    As shown in the photos, like most Ligers, the blades deploy at the sides. When inactive, they can fold over the back, either backwards, or crossed into an X, whichever you prefer. The black piece at the end of the side arm doesn't rotate at all, but a rubber piece at the base of the blades allows them to rotate completely around. This means it can face forwards, backwards, and be rotated sideways to face the opposite direction. There are quite a few pictures, to show the wide range of positions possible with the weapons.

- Turbines

 Both turbines on the X can spin. Unfortunately, they don't do so automatically, so it's not the most useful feature on the Zoid. It's also important to note that these pieces on the back of the Zero X are similar to those on the shoulders. The shoulder pieces, however, are set in place.

- Tail

 Unfortunately, unpictured, Zero X's tail can rotate up and down. The tip of the tail can also rotate up and down, and so can the gold pieces that are attached to the side. If you view the main profile pictures, you'll see what I mean.