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- Zoids Wild 2+ Manga Announced!

 The December issue of CoroCoro announced a brand new manga, Zoids Wild 2+! As Wild 2 ended just recently we had been wondering if there was going to be a follow up, and it seems there is! The issue showed off a color image of the main character, and we've also seen some sketches over on Moritya's twitter. For those who want to know how Zoids Wild 2 ended, you can pick up the book (Japanese version) over on AmazonJP.

Zoids Wild 2 Manga!   [Official]

    Before we ever saw the teaser on Zoids Wild Zero, we knew another manga series was about to begin. Information before now introduced us to the main character, Kai, and the rest of the cast. It's clear that Wild 2 will contain an entirely separate set of characters from Wild Zero, and that's all the better! Two unique storylines, running at the same time. CoroCoro posted an introductory article, announcing that the manga will begin in the September Issue (released this month.) The Zoids Official twitter has posted a couple of teaser pages and the artist posted some others, all of which were seen in the August issue of CoroCoro Comic.

- Chapter 1 Free Online!

    CoroCoro has also posted Chapter 1 online, available for free viewing! This introduces us to the main character, a young boy named Kai, and how he meets his partner: The Beast Liger! Falcarius has provided a character list for Chapter 1.

    Zoids Command Force: a Zoid crime countermeasure organisation, uses Raptorias as mooks

    Juuki Kai: the new protagonist, a ZCF maintenance worker with a multipurpose robot "Z-Arm" and an encyclopaedic knowledge of Zoids

    Juuki Shuuza: Kai's older brother and ZCF's number-1 ace "Beast Knight"

    Davis Miles: ZCF's governor-general

    Red Cerberus: a Zoid terrorist group wanted globally, uses weaponised Zoids such as Bazootle

    Preddy Rhapsody: a Red Cerberus member who rides a Cannon Bull

- Official Teaser

Zoids Wild Manga Zoids Wild Official2019-08-17 12:00:00

Zoids Wild Manga Vol. 3!  [Official]

    Volume 3 of the Zoids Wild manga has been announced! The cover was posted on Twitter, with a release date of July 3rd for 490 Yen. Also be sure to check out the artist of this great manga, Moritya Dayo! They recently made a twitter account, posting tons of art, including some that was only seen in CoroCoro and even brand new art!

Official Zoids Wild Zoids Wild Manga2019-06-25 06:00:00

Zoids Wild Manga Preview!  [Official]

    Zoids Official posted a double page spread from the Zoids Wild Manga. This snippet is from the April issue of CoroCoro~

Zoids Wild Manga Zoids Wild Official2019-03-10 06:00:00

Zoids Wild Manga Vol. 2!  [Official]

    The second volume of the Zoids Wild manga released on December 29th, 2018. It includes Chapters 1 ~ 8, the short "Arashi and Liger" that featured in the Awakened Wild Liger's booklet, and a Zoids Wild special from CoroCoro Comic that included talk about the model kits. The book also had some of the images that've been featured on the CoroCoro site as part of the last minute drawing campaign. A teaser page for Chapter 9 was also posted on twitter.

Zoids Wild Manga Zoids Wild Official2019-01-08 01:00:00

Wild Anime/Manga Images!  [Official]

    Lots of images for Zoids Wild! For anime renders we also have the Catalga, a transport Zoid that'll haul others behind it much like the Gustav. It's the first revamped old world Zoid design, based on the Molga base. A recent tweet has also gathered up anime images for the Raptor, Knuckle Kong, and Triceradogos. The Raptor is a new image we haven't seen before.

    We also got some concept sketchs, the first being of Caviar hugging his crocodile plushie, which he cuddles with every night! The second is a Grachiosaurus early design concept. It seems that earlier on in the design process, the Grachiosaurus had bones located at the base of its neck to help support the weight.

    There've also been a couple new images in the collection of pre-episode airing sketches on the CoroCoro website! This is well worth checking out. The images are drawn by the Manga's artist, and there's even articles with the staff of Zoids.

Zoids Wild Manga Update!  [Site]

    The Zoids Wild manga has updated with Chapter 3! This begins the first chapter involving the Gabrigator battle, oddly fitting timing considering this week's anime episode was the introduction of the beast. Fair warning that there's a lot of toilet humor in this chapter. This is kind of just par for the course for the comics in corocoro. Bare with us!

Zoids Wild Manga Zoids Wild Site2018-09-08 05:00:00

Zoids Wild: Volume 1 Release!  [Site]

    Volume 1 of the Zoids Wild manga has been officially released! Looks like it has some cool art on the back, and you may still be able to pick it up on Amazon Japan if you're quick (they do ship to the US for some products including this one, and accept US credit/debit cards.) Zoids Official made a tweet showing off the back of the book, as well as some limited edition stickers for the Wild Liger.

    Please note that these stickers do not come with the book. They're showing off stickers that'll be given to 200 lucky individuals who applied for them by sending in cards from an earlier issue of CoroCoro. The Zoids Official twitter posted an extra tweet to clarify this error, but we don't want any English speaking fans to mistake them as a product extra.

Zoids Wild Manga Zoids Wild Official2018-08-15 01:00:00

ZW Manga: First Volume!  [Official]

    Volume 1 of the Zoids Wild manga is coming out on the 28th! Unfortunately, it seems that it already sold out on CDJapan. You may be able to pick up the book through the Japan branch of Amazon, but it may not ship to your country, so be sure to check into it.

Zoids Wild Manga Zoids Wild Official2018-07-20 02:00:00

Zoids Wild: Manga Update!  [Site]

    The second chapter of the Zoids Wild manga is up, with translations courtesy of Falcarius! This chapter introduces Drake, who's likely to show up in tomorrow's episode of Zoids Wild! This chapter is 37 pages long, so no worries, there aren't missing pages. It just links to a page that doesn't yet exist.

Zoids Wild Site Zoids Wild Manga2018-07-19 02:00:00

New Wild Manga Section!  [Site]

    Thanks to the diligent work of Falcarius we've now got translations for Zoids Wild: Chapter 1! You can find this in the manga directory. The first chapter is so far the longest, totalling a grand 54 pages, and introduces a few new Zoids. This chapter also shares a lot of themes with what we've seen for episode 1 of the anime, so it'll be interesting to see how close it follows this July!

Zoids Wild Manga Zoids Wild Site2018-06-19 04:00:00

Zoids Wild Updates!  [Official]

    The May issue of Corocoro has released, and with it, the first chapter of the new serialized manga, Zoids Wild! This manga has some excellent Zoid design. The chapter is 30 pages long not including the color image, and begins the story of Arashi, who is setting out to find a Zoid of his own! We're still awaiting the physical copy of the manga to get some good scans of it.

    On a more exciting note, CoroCoro has decided to make the first chapter free to read to all Zoids fans! This means even those who don't own Corocoro can check out the first chapter on their own, without having to wait!

Introducing Bacon and the Fang Tiger!

    The manga introduces Bacon, a man searching for a dangerous Zoid that escaped from Death Metal territory. Accompanying him is the Fang Tiger, the mysterious silhouette we saw advertised when his voice actor was announced! The Zoid lives up to its name, with giant sabers that seem more specifically designed for combat than most saber-toothed cats of the past.

    Aside from the Fang Tiger, we also get to see several new Zoids, including a generic raptor type (so far known as just raptors.) These differ significantly from the Gilraptor, lacking crests, significant armor, and sporting different-looking equipment. We also see several new types of Zoids on the last 2 pages, such as ankylosaurs. Of course, these are likely manga filler and probably won't develop into anything more. Still, it's nice for people that like those little obscur Zoids!

Kabuto and Scorpear Box Art

    The Zoids Official Twitter released box images for the Kabuto Beetle and the Scorpear. These are decent enough, but may not be the final print versions of the boxes.

Minor Anime Update

    The official anime site has updated with a list of pilots and their Zoids. This is our first look at the Gabrigator in the anime style and it's looking good! The new angle of the Gilraptor also shows off just how nice this Zoid adapts to the anime style. There are still a couple Zoids, including the Fang Tiger that have yet to be revealed for the anime style.

New Model Photos

    The Zoids Official Twitter has been able to post some new high quality photos of touched up Zoids Wild models. It's nice seeing the Zoids from this new angle. So far we have the Gabrigator, Gannontoise, Scorpear, and Kabuto Beetle.

- Zoids Wild Updates  [Official]

Posted: Thursday, March 29th, 2018: 11:02 am
    The Zoids Wild official website has received an update. The teaser that was formerly posted online now plays in the background (without sound) and the site has been updated to include a vague story blurb and a list of the cast & characters. We haven't been given any new actor names and there's not a lot here, but it's development nonetheless!

    Zoids! The strongest living entities with bodies made of metal, animal instincts, and fighting spirit stand at the top of the ecosystem! When Zoids and Humans form the ultimate bond, the names of their hidden, ferocious powers are realized... The Wild Blast!

    We've also seen a stat image for the Brachiosaurus type! There are a few oddly specific details about Zoids Wild that are being tightly kept under wraps, and one of those details is the name of this behemoth. Not only is the name blacked out on the image, but we realized the same can be said for a few other Zoids, including the Gabrigator, which we already know.

    Brachiosaurus Type: A giant Zoid that's used for transporting goods, making full use of its massive size.
    Nickname:Earth's Harbinger Hammer? (大地の魁槌)
    Traits: Radiation Fin, Hammer Bone, Outrigger
    Stats: Speed: 7 / Attack: 10 / IQ: 7 / Stamina: 10 / Defense: 10 / Wild Burst: 9
    Wild Burst Technique: Grand Hammer

Zoids Wild Manga Teaser!  [Official]

    A new teaser image has been posted over on the Zoids Official twitter. This is the third out of four teasers posted in the April issue of CoroCoro Comic. We can probably assume that the fourth will be posted online as well. The series will begin its serialization starting in the May issue of this year.

Official Zoids Wild Manga Zoids Wild2018-03-27 01:00:00

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