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- CoroCoro 100: Burning Liger Ltd Black Gold Ver.!

 The December issue of CoroCoro revealed our first CoroCoro 100 limited of the new line, the Burning Liger Limited Black Gold Version! This black Burning Liger with added gold parts will be available as a Silver Peel. Aside from that image, a fuller view of it (albeit small) can be seen on the My Zoids Contest 2020 page, as a Burning Liger will be part of the top prize set for each category.

- Zoids Wild Model Kit Section Update!

 The Zoids Wild model kit section has been updated to include all of the current CoroCoro 100s, including a nice cover photo for the Zero Grizis Dark Form, courtesy of spacehamsterZH~ These pages include information on how they were originally obtained and major rereleases along the way. There are still a few minor releases that need to be added (contest prizes) but it is mostly complete. Pages are being worked on for the various limited editions as well.

- Next CoroCoro 100: Zero Grizis Dark Form!

 CoroCoro has also announced the Zero Grizis to be the basis for their next CoroCoro 100 Limited, the Zero Grizis Dark Form! As usual, there'll only be 100 copies of this kit released through the CoroCoro Silver Peel campaign. There are so many recolored parts to this Zoid that it may well be an entirely new kit instead of the typical parts swap. We will see when they start hitting Yahoo Japan! In the mean time, Zoids Official has posted two new images of this monster.

- New Zero Grizis 100 Limited!

 CoroCoro posted the cover for their August issue, which shows a tiny image of a new Zero Grizis! This suspiciously Death-Saurer colored Zoid is listed as their next CoroCoro 100, meaning they'll only be releasing 100 of them, likely through silver peels.

ZW38 Omega Rex!  [Official]

 The Omega Rex has shown up on the TakaraTomy Mall, scheduled for a March 28th release for 7,700 yen (tax included)! On a fun note it seems that the Rex's particle cannon, which we've known about for a while, uses a stunning green color. It'll be interesting to see how it is used in the show, whenever it shows up. CoroCoro also has a page showing off a new diorama style image, citing the particle cannon as a weapon that can blow up an entire city in just one blast.

- Omega Rex White Fortress Ver.

CoroCoro has posted a new article showing off the Omega Rex White Fortress Ver. It shows the particle gun charging up and being used. These images are for the silver peel, which is essentially a scratch off that buyers of CoroCoro can mail in for a chance to win. Like most other CoroCoro limiteds, it'll be limited to 100 kits total.

Omega Rex White Fortress Ver.!  [Official]

 Although we first heard about the Omega Rex White Fortress Ver. in earlier CoroCoro issues, there were no images of it. Now, we've gotten our first glimpse! This image is from the upper left corner of the CoroCoro Comic March issue's cover. Tonight it was also shown off in CoroCoro's video presentation for the March issue of CoroCoro Comic. Fortress resembles a fossilized rex, a cool color choice! It is our next CoroCoro 100 Limited.

- CoroCoro March Video Presentation

Death Rex Purple Dragon Form Rerelease!  [Official]

 TakaraTomy has announced that the Death Rex Purple Dragon Form will see a wider rerelease! This kit is already up for sale through Pal-Shop, Shogakukan's web order shop, for 8,250 yen (tax included). This set comes with both the purple dragon armor and the base Death Rex. There are a limited quantity available and orders will begin shipping out in late January, in the order that they were received. You can use proxy services like From Japan, Celga, etc. to order this kit!

Genospino Limited Rampage Form!  [Official]

 A CoroCoro 100 Limited Genospino was announced some time ago, for the CoroCoro 500th issue! This parts set features bright red armor on the original dull red Genospino base. It is limited to 100 lucky winners. You can view photos of it here and here. CoroCoro posted a regular Genospino image recently as well, but it doesn't warrant its own news post.

- Example Video

Genospino Silver Dragon Form!  [Official]

 The second CoroCoro 100 Genospino in a row, the Silver Dragon Form bares a striking resemblance to Zenebas Zoids of the OJR. It has beautiful silver armor over a dull red frame, which can be seen in CoroCoro's Article on it. Like always, this kit is limited to 100 lucky winners.

- Example Video

Gatling Fox Limited Night Blue Ver.!   [Official]

    There seems to be some confusion within CoroCoro on what this Fox is actually called, referring to it as the Limited Night Blue Version and the Limited Metallic Blue Ver. in the same article, but I digress. Whatever it's called, we saw this fox first from CoroCoro, as the first full size image of the Gatling Fox model kit. CoroCoro has a new article showing off the fancy image for this version of Gatling Fox!

    As a side discussion, the original article for the Metallic Blue Ver. showed us a transparent black body. When we saw the basic Gatling Fox at the Tokyo Christmas Toy Fair, it also had a transparent body! However, now both versions from the recent CoroCoro articles have solid black bodies. So, we'll see which version, or if possibly both get a fully transparent frame.

ZW Gatling Fox Metallic Blue Ver.!   [Official]

    A recent article from CoroCoro introduced the Gatling Fox "Metallic Blue Ver.", which will be the next silver-peel present in the October issue of CoroCoro (released September 14th). This not only introduces a new variant, but is our first look at the Gatling Fox's entire design. The Metallic Blue Ver. seems to include metallic blue armor, bright yellow parts, and a transparent black body.

ZW Sniptera Killing Red Ver.!   [Official]

    There's been some more coverage on the Sniptera. With the CoroCoro limited (the Killing Red Version) coming out soon, CoroCoro has also posted a video introducing the Zoid. This shows off some of its motorized action, though not a lot of detail is given about the Zoid just yet.

Fang Tiger White Tiger Form!  [Official]

    Details on the Fang Tiger "White Tiger Form" have been released. It appears this Zoid is obtained by sending in a postcard (if you're a Japanese resident) with your zip code, full name, age/school year, and phone number. 100 lucky winners will receive the armor part set featuring the white Fang Tiger armor (armor only.)

Hunter Wolf Flame Wolf!  [Official]

    CoroCoro has announced its new 100 piece limited, following the White Tiger Form! It's the Hunter Wolf "Flame Wolf" version, which features red armor for the wolf-type Zoid. It'll probably be obtained in a manner similar to the others. We'll have more details soon. A video reviewing this issue of CoroCoro was recently posted showing off a tailless build of the Zoid, with extra detailing.

Feature by CoroCoro

Fang Tiger White Tiger Form!  [Official]

    CoroCoro is still going strong with the limited model kits. They recently announced the Fang Tiger "White Tiger Form", a kit limited to 100 units, which will be given out through a silver peel campaign. The ticket is available through the May issue of CoroCoro. CoroCoro posted about it in a recent blog entry. Zoids Official also posted a photo of a panel lined example on Twitter.

Wild Liger Extreme Release Form!  [Official]

    The upcoming CoroCoro limited, the Wild Liger Extreme Release Form, has seen some new photos. These are posted over on the Zoids Official twitter.

CoroCoro All Clear Wild Liger!  [Official]

    CoroCoro has made a page where they've posted several photos of their upcoming all clear Wild Liger. This kit looks absolutely beautiful. We covered this earlier, but to reiterate, it is a silver peel limited for CoroCoro Comic. Only 100 will be released through this limited time raffle. The Liger also comes with one Mane Claw as the center claw, and two Twin Fangs (from the Fang Tiger) cast in translucent plastic for the two outter claws.

Wild Liger Extreme Release Form!  [Official]

    CoroCoro has announced a brand new Silver Peel limited! This time we have the Wild Liger Extreme Release Form, which features transparent armor. Unlike the Death Rex Purple Dragon Form, Wild Liger has clear parts for both the armor and the body. A post over on CoroCoro's website notes that more information will be available in the April 2019 issue, released on the 15th of this month. As usual, this will be a Japan resident raffle where consumers can send in properly peeled silver peel sheets for a chance to win.

CoroCoro Silver Peel Article!  [Site]

    When the Zoids Wild kits started to release, CoroCoro began releasing limited items through a silver peel raffle. This is basically a card like a scratch off (don't scratch it-) that you peel off with sticky tape. If you get the right combo of kanji/words, you can submit the ticket for a chance to win the item. Unfortunately this is mostly limited to Japan residents, but in case anyone out there has friends in Japan that are willing to submit the ticket for them, we've included a guide on how to win!

    You can find this article listed under Model Kit articles, in our newly revamped articles section! Some articles are still painfully out of date, but we'll address that eventually.

Site CoroCoro Limited 100 Articles2018-10-08 10:00:00

Awakened Wild Liger Guren!  [Official]

    The latest CoroCoro silver-peel limited is the Awakened Wild Liger: Guren Version! This Liger uses the Awakened Wild Liger as a base, which sports an improved motor with 20% higher speed than the normal model kit. The Guren replaces all of the blue parts with translucent red. It retains the gold chrome blades and gold painted claws/teeth, which are also seen in the upcoming standard Awakened Wild Liger.

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