- Zoids Stats

 While we gather most of our Zoids information into larger files found in the Zoid Index, it takes a long time to get an individual article added. Meanwhile, questions continue to arise about what weapons a Zoid has, where they are located, etc. So we've added the Zoids Stats page as a quick reference for those questions! For now, since this is an image-less database, stats are split into alphabetical order.

 Please note that this page is vastly incomplete. It'll be added to over time, and for now covers most of the major players. Since the page also relies partially on automatic translation, although it is carefully checked, there may be some mistakes. Please feel free to use the contact page linked up at the top if you see any inaccuracies.

 * All stats are based on new age war data, not the variations from the old war.

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- Zoids Stats
- Gabrigator

Length:10.2 m Height:2.3 m Weight:37.6 tons Speed:205 km/h
 Claws  (Feet)
 Crumble Jaw (Mouth)
 Six Killer Fangs  (Large fangs)
 Smoke Discharger  (Upper Back)

- Gairyuki

Length:23.8 m Height:12.6 m Weight:118.0 tons Speed:290 km/h
 Beam Vulcan x4 (Gekkou, top side)
 Bite Fangs  (Mouth)
 Blox Mount x19  (Hard pegs)
 Condenser Panel x12  (Orange panels, 11 listed in manual (excludes the one around the tail tip)
 Condensing Charged Particle Cannon  (Mouth)
 Core Block x2  (Back of backpack)
 Ion Booster X2  (Feet)
 Killer Claws x4  (Hands and Feet)
 Magnesser Wing x2  (Back, pieces with orange panels, Hien)

- Gannontoise

Length:5.9 m Height:3.5 m Weight:50.0 tons Speed:89 km/h
 Gannon Cannon (Back)

- Gatling Fox

Length:8.9 m Height:4.6 m Weight:41.0 tons Speed:260 km/h
 2-Barreled Sawed Off Shotgun (x4, Shoulders, torso)
 A-Z Infinity Gatling  (Back)
 Double Buster Rifle  (Sides of gatling)
 Multiple Launcher  (Tail)
 Optical Camouflage  (Body, Armor)
 Pulse Compression Radar  (Gold chest piece)
 Reflect Ears  (Ears)

- Gator

Length:11.8 m Height:5.6 m Weight:19.9 tons Speed:200 km/h
 GPS Magnetic Detector (Sail)
 Small-Calibre Gatling Beam Gun  (Front of sail)
 Tail Cutter  (Tail Cutter)

- Geno Breaker

Length:23.0 m Height:13.7 m Weight:137.5 tons Speed:345 km/h
 Anchor x2 (Heels)
 Charged Particle Converter  (Backpack, top)
 Ex Breaker x2  (Sides, Blades)
 Focused Charged Particle Gun  (Mouth)
 Free Round Shield x2  (Sides)
 Hyper Killer Claws x2  (Hands)
 Hyper Killer Fangs  (Mouth)
 Hyper Strike Claws x2  (Feet)
 Laser Charging Blade  (Forehead)
 NZR Composite Sensor  (Head Crest)
 Weapon Binder x2  (Legs)
  - AZ 80mm Beam Gun  (Bottom)
  - AZ 140mm Shock Gun  (Top)
  - Micro Poison Missile Pod  (Side)
 Wing Thruster x2  (Backpack, Red Pieces)

- Geno Ritter

Length:23.0 m Height:15.8 m Weight:131.6 tons Speed:450 km/h
 Anchor x2 (Heels)
 Convergent Charged Particle Gun x1  (Mouth)
 Dragoon Magnezer Wing Vernier  (Backpack)
 Dragoon Stahl  (Swords)
 Electromagnetic Blade  (Edges of triangles on blades)
 Electromagnetic Shield Generator x2  (Triangle on blades)
 Head Armor  (Head)
 Hyper Killer Fang  (Mouth)
 Hyper Strike Claw x2  (Feet)
 Hyper Killer Claw x2  (Hands)
 Laser Charging Blade  (Forehead)
 Leg Magnezer Wings  (Legs)

- Geno Saurer

Length:23.0 m Height:11.7 m Weight:112.8 tons Speed:260 km/h
 Anchor x2 (Heels)
 Focused Charged Particle Gun  (Mouth)
 Hyper Killer Claws x2  (Hands)
 Hyper Killer Fangs  (Mouth)
 Hyper Strike Claws x2  (Feet)
 Laser Gun  (Head)
 Laser Sensor  (Back of laser gun)
 Long Range Pulse Laser Rifle x2  (Back)

- Genospino

Length:13.7 m Height:6.5 m Weight:158.0 tons Speed:210 km/h
 A-Z High-Temperature Flamethrower (Mouth)
 A-Z Long Cannon  (Sides)
 A-Z Torpedo Launcher  (Lower back on sides of sail)
 Catterpillar Drive  (Black armor on neck)
 Geno Sauzer  (Sail blades)
 Sauzer Vulcan  (Barrels on blades)
 Smoke Discharger  (Backwards barrels beside sails)
 Spike Claw  (Feet)
 Wave Fang  (Mouth)
 Z-O Visor  (Face)

- Gilraptor

Length:8.4 m Height:4.5 m Weight:35.2 tons Speed:259 km/h
 Head Radar (Head)
 Jet Boosters  (Back)
 Talons  (Feet)
 Wing Shotels  (Back)

- Gilraptor Commander

Length:8.4 m Height:4.5 m Weight:35.2 tons Speed:265 km/h
 Head Radar (Head)
 Jet Boosters  (Back)
 Talons  (Feet)
 Wing Shotels  (Back)

- Godkaizer

Length:23.2 m Height:000 m Weight:85 tons Speed:135 km/h
 Double-Barreled Shotgun (Tail)
 Electromagnetic Beam Gun  (Top of head)
 Metal Claw x2  (Claws)
 Power Connector  (Back)
 Thunder Sword  (Head)
 3-Barreled Cannon Beam Gun  (Back)

- Godos

Length:8.6 m Height:8.2 m Weight:23.0 tons Speed:150 km/h
 2 Barrel Anti-Aircraft Laser Machine Gun (Back)
 Crusher Claws x2  (Hands)
 Laser Searcher (Belly)
 Small-Calibre Anti-Aircraft Laser Machinegun x2  (Tail)
 Small-Calibre Charged Particle Beam Gun x2  (Sides)
 Smash-Up Tail  (Tail)

- Gojulas

Length:26.0 m Height:21.0 m Weight:230.0 tons Speed:75 km/h
 70 mm 2-Barreled Heavy Machine Guns x2 (Belly)
 AMD 30 mm 2 Barrel Beam Cannon x2  (Top of tail tip)
 Panova 20 mm Surface-to-air Beam Gun x2  (Base of tail)
 Maxer 30 mm Multipurpose Machine Gun x2  (Sides of tail)
 (Right) TRZ 20 mm Linear Laser Gun  (Right arm)
 (Left) ARZ 20 mm Beam Gun  (Left arm)
 Crusher Claw x2  (Hands)
 Hyper Bite Fangs  (Mouth)

- Gordos

Length:30.3 m Height:15.1 m Weight:199.0 tons Speed:80 km/h
 105mm High Speed Rail Gun x2  (Back)
 AMD 30mm 2-Barrelled Beam Gun  (Top of tail tip)
 (Left) ARZ 20mm Beam Gun  (Sides)
 GPS Magnetic Detectors  (Upper tail spikes)
 Hyper Bite Fangs (Mouth)
 Maxer 30mm Multipurpose Machine Gun x2  (End of tail)
 Panova 20mm Surface-to-air Beam Gun x2  (Upper Tail)
 Titanium Spikes  (Tail Thagomizers)
 (Right) TRZ 20mm Linear Laser Gun  (Sides)

- Gorhecks

Length:14.8 m Height:7.2 m Weight:58.5 tons Speed:120 km/h
 All-Weather 3D Antenna x4 (Tail spikes)
 AZ 2-Shot Missile Launcher  (Belly)
 AZ 250mm 2-Barreled Beam Gun  (Neck)
 Crystal Radar Fin x12  (Back)
 Ground-to-Ground 2-Shot Missile Pod x2  (Sides of tail)

- Grachiosaurus

Length:15.8 m Height:10.4 m Weight:134.0 tons Speed:181 km/h
 Hammer Bone (Sides)
 Outrigger  (Anchors on legs)
 Radiation Fin  (Chest)

- Gravity Saix

Length:16.4 m Height:7.7 m Weight:72 tons Speed:310 km/h
 2-Barreled Shotgun (Chest)
 Gravity Sword  (Back)
 Gravity Wheel  (Back)
 Scratch Claw x4  (Feet)

- Gravity Saurer

Length:16.4 m Height:7.9 m Weight:75 tons Speed:260 km/h
 2-Barreled Shock Cannon (Chest)
 Electromagnetic Cannon x2  (Upper back, lower guns)
 Gravity Haken x2  (Claws)
 Gravity Wheel  (Back)
 Panzerfaust x2  (Upper back, missiles)
 Pulse Laser Gun x2  (Upper back, upper guns)

- Gravity Wolf

Length:15.1 m Height:7.2 m Weight:89.0 tons Speed:400 km/h
 Bite Fangs (Mouth)
 Bio Wheel x2  (Wheels)
 Gravity Missile  (Back)
 Gravity Wheel  (Back)

- Great Sabre

Length:000 m Height:000 m Weight:000 tons Speed:000 km/h
 8-Shot Missile Pod (Upper Back)
 All-Weather 3D Radar  (Left side antenna)
 Booster Energy Tank  (Back)
 Close-Range Beam Cannon x2  (Tail)
 High-Mobility Flight Wing x2  (Lower Back)
 High-Pressure Concentrated Sulfuric Acid Gun  (Chest)
 High-Speed Cannon  (Right side)
 Large Infrared Laser Search Light  (Chest, right side)
 Laser Sabre x2  (Fangs)
 Stable Tail  (Tail)
 Triple Impact Cannon  (Chest)

- Gul Tiger

Length:16.5 m Height:7.4 m Weight:75.0 tons Speed:260.0 km/h
 Doppler Radar (Ears)
 Micro Charged Particle Gun  (Upper Back)
 Paralyzer  (Tail)
 Power Connector  (Back)
 Side Girder  (Orange slope on side)
 Twin Beam Gun  (Lower Back)

- Gul Tiger GC

Length:16.5 m Height:9.3 m Weight:85.5 tons Speed:260.0 km/h
 Doppler Radar (Ears)
 Gyro Crafter  (Back)
 Micro Charged Particle Gun  (Upper Back)
 Paralyzer  (Tail)
 Side Girder  (Orange slope on side)
 Twin Beam Gun  (Lower Back)

- Gunbluster

Length:19.0 m Height:8.1 m Weight:125.0 tons Speed:120 km/h
 3D Radar (Nose Horn)
 Electron Bite Fang  (Mouth)
 Energy Charger x1  (Lower Back)
 Heat Radiation Port x4  (Upper legs)
 Hyper Rolling Cannon  (Back, not all weapon specifics given)
  - 3-Barreled Rapid-Firing Gun x1
  - Accelerated Shock Gun x1  (Bottom center barrel)
  - Beam Cannon x1
  - Beam Rifle x2  (Bottom side barrels)
  - Blazer Cannon x2
  - Electromagnetic Gun x1
  - Plasma Cannon x1
  - Pulse Gun x2
  - Rail Cannon x1
  - Shotgun x1
  - Thunder Cannon x1
  - Twin Accelerated Beam Gun x1
  - Twin Pulse Beam Gun x1
 Rear Alert Radar x1  (Tail)
 Super Electromagnetic Shield Horn x24  (Side Spikes)

- Gusock

Length:3.7 m Height:1.4 m Weight:11.0 tons Speed:135 km/h
 Monomir (?) Eye (Eyes)
 Outter Shell  (Back)
 Pleopod  (Tail)
 Spike Rod  (Antennae)

- Gustav

Length:14.76 m Height:9.36 m Weight:68.0 tons Speed:135 km/h
 Carrier (Trailer, Back right mini trailor)
 Elevator  (Trailer, back right tower)
 GPS Composite Sensor  (Shell, front-top)
 Impact-Resistent Shell Armour  (Shell)
 Landmine Detector x2  (Antennae)
 Operation Arm  (Trailer, front right arm)
 Refueling Tower  (Trailer, back left tower)
 Traction Platforms  (Trailers)
 Welding Arm  (Trailer, front left arm)

- Guysack

Length:10.0 m Height:4.0 m Weight:22.0 tons Speed:120 km/h
 Anti-Zoid 30mm Beam Rifle (Tail)
 Laser Fang  (Mouth)
 Laser Claw x2  (Claws)
 Smoke Discharger (Cylinder on back)