- Zoids Stats

 While we gather most of our Zoids information into larger files found in the Zoid Index, it takes a long time to get an individual article added. Meanwhile, questions continue to arise about what weapons a Zoid has, where they are located, etc. So we've added the Zoids Stats page as a quick reference for those questions! For now, since this is an image-less database, stats are split into alphabetical order.

 Please note that this page is vastly incomplete. It'll be added to over time, and for now covers most of the major players. Since the page also relies partially on automatic translation, although it is carefully checked, there may be some mistakes. Please feel free to use the contact page linked up at the top if you see any inaccuracies.

 * All stats are based on new age war data, not the variations from the old war.

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- Zoids Stats
- Dark Horn

Length:20.8 m Height:7.6 m Weight:94.0 tons Speed:130 km/h
 All-Weather 3D Radar Antenna x4 (Weapon left, left side)
 All-Weather Self-Guided Missile Launcher  (Top of weapon unit)
 Focused Beam Cannon  (Weapon unit, long silver barrel)
 High-Pressure Concentrated Sulfuric Acid Spray Gun  (Weapon unit, right side barrel)
 High-Speed Cannon x2  (Tail tip)
 Hybrid Vulcan Gun  (Weapon unit, right side)
 Large-Calibre Triple Electromagnetic Assault Gun  (Weapon unit, black gun on right side)
 Large Infrared Laser Searchlight  (Box on tail tip)
 Medium-Calibre Accelerated Twin Beam Cannon  (Middle of weapon unit)
 Twin Assault Beam Gun x2  (Crest)

- Dark Nessios

Length:20.8 m Height:9.6 m Weight:56.5 tons Speed:52 knots
 80mm Anti-Air Beam Gun (Back)
 Anti-Zoid Impact Cannon  (Lower Chest)
 Killer Bite Fang  (Mouth)
 Solar Generator x5  (Head, Legs)
 TEZ 20mm 2-Barreled Linear Laser Gun  (Upper Chest)

- Dark Spiner

Length:22.3 m Height:16.6 m Weight:118.0 tons Speed:240.0 km/h
 2-Barreled Cannon (Chest)
 2-Barreled Cannon x2  (Sides of sail, in the back)
 Anchor x2  (Heels)
 AZ 14mm Machine Gun x2  (Upper back)
 Electron Fang  (Mouth)
 Jamming Blade  (Sail)
 Strike Claw x2  (Feet)
 Strike Laser Claw x2  (Hands)
 Strike Smash Tail  (Tail)

- Dead Border

Length:19.6 m Height:12.8 m Weight:92 tons Speed:140 km/h
 150mm Cannon x2 (Back gun, bottom barrel)
 2-Barreled Beam Gun  (Lower belly)
 Flamethrower  (Upper belly)
 Fuel Tube  (Neck)
 Gravity Cannon (G-Cannon)  (Back gun, top barrel)
 Heat Ray Gun x3  (Sides)
 High Pressure Diluted Nitric Acid Spout  (Mouth)
 Laser Gun x2  (Sides of belly)
 Missile Pod  (Belly)
 Needle Gun x4  (Neck)
 Radar Shield  (Head)

- Death Rex

Length:12.3 m Height:5.6 m Weight:154 tons Speed:98 km/h
 Crusher Claw (Feet)
 Death Jaws  (Sides)
 Kaiser Tail  (Tail)
 Large Jaws  (Mouth)
 Radiation Wing  (Back)
 Uvula Drill  (Mouth)

- Death Saurer

Length:32.4 m Height:21.0 m Weight:400.0 tons Speed:90 km/h
 16-Shot Missile Launcher (Tail)
 AEZ 20mm Beam Gun  (Silver back unit, right barrel)
 AEZ 20mm Beam Gun  (Top nose gun)
 Added-Gravity Impact Tail  (Tail)
 Charged Particle Forced Intake Fan  (Back)
 Composite Sensor Unit  (Left Hand)
 High-Precision Infrared Laser Searcher  (Lower Nose Barrels)
 Hyper Killer Claws x2  (Hands)
 Infrared Laser Searcher  (Tail Tip)
 Killer Bite Fangs  (Mouth)
 Large-Calibre Charged Particle Beam Cannon  (Mouth)
 Small-Bore Laser Machine Gun  (Silver back unit, left barrel)
 Small-Calibre Anti-Surface Laser Machine Gun x2  (Belly)
 Surface-to-Surface Missile Pod  (Right hand)
 TEZ 20mm Linear Laser Gun x2  (Silver back unit, top barrels)

- Descat

Length:18.4 m Height:7.2 m Weight:85 tons Speed:420 km/h
 2-Barreled Shock Cannon (Chest)
 Electromagnetic Claw  (Feet)
 Electromagnetic Fangs  (Mouth)
 Energy Protector x2  (Silver back armor)
 Rear Warning 3D Radar  (Tail)
 Super Electromagnetic Field Generating Antenna x2  (Sides of cannon)
 Super Gravity Bullet Cannon  (Back)
 Ultra High-Speed Drive Mechanism  (Silver plate on side)

- Dilofos

Length:5.9 m Height:3.1 m Weight:9.2 tons Speed:116 km/h
 Damper (Back of feet)
 Dis Lapel  (Frill)
 Dis Shield  (Back)
 Oval Bomb  (Belly)

- Dimepulsar

Length:9.5 m Height:5.1 m Weight:38.0 tons Speed:97 km/h
 Electric Tail (Tail)
 Insulator Claw  (Feet)
 Insulator Cowl  (Head armor)
 Pulse Charger  (Side of fins)
 Pulse Core  (Sides)
 Specter Fin  (Back)

- Dimetrodon

Length:22.3 m Height:12.6 m Weight:156.0 tons Speed:150 km/h
 AEZ 20mm Linear Laser Gun x2 (Tail)
 All Weather 3D Radar  (Sail)
 Chaff / Flare Dispenser x2  (Side Vents)
 Composite Sensor Unit  (Lower Back)
 Ground-to-Ground Missile Pod  (Upper Back)
 High-Pressure Concentrated Sulfuric Acid Gun  (Left Side)
 Infrared Laser Searcher  (Head)
 TEZ 20mm Linear Laser Gun x2  (Neck)

- Double Sworder

Length:11.6 m Height:3.96 m Weight:19.7 tons Speed:180 km/h
 4 Barrel Machine Gun (Mouth)
 Anti-Zoid Small Calibre 2 Barrel Beam Gun  (Back)
 Break Sword x2  (Mandibles)
 Flexible Thruster Binder x2 (Wings)
 Laser Sensor x2 (Cheeks)
 Wing Stabilizer x2 (Sides)

- Drei Panther

Length:8.1 m Height:4.2 m Weight:49.8 tons Speed:206 km/h
 3-Barreled Silent Gun (x2, Back)
 A-Z Drei Blade  (x6, Shields)
 Air Intake  (Cheeks)
 Horizontal Armor  (Legs)
 Night Vision Scope  (Circle on silver back plate)
 Shadow Claw  (Claws)
 Shadow Shield  (x2, Shoulders)
 Stabilizer Armor  (Lower Back)
 Z-O Visor  (Face)