- Zoids Stats

 While we gather most of our Zoids information into larger files found in the Zoid Index, it takes a long time to get an individual article added. Meanwhile, questions continue to arise about what weapons a Zoid has, where they are located, etc. So we've added the Zoids Stats page as a quick reference for those questions! For now, since this is an image-less database, stats are split into alphabetical order.

 Please note that this page is vastly incomplete. It'll be added to over time, and for now covers most of the major players. Since the page also relies partially on automatic translation, although it is carefully checked, there may be some mistakes. Please feel free to use the contact page linked up at the top if you see any inaccuracies.

 * All stats are based on new age war data, not the variations from the old war.

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- Zoids Stats
- Ankyrox

Length:9.6 m Height:2.6 m Weight:40.0 tons Speed:151 km/h
 Basher Bone (Tail)
 Head Spike  (Head)
 Mace Tail  (Tail)
 Rock Back  (Back)
 Wing Rib  (Ribs)

- Arosaurer

Length:13.7 m Height:10.8 m Weight:62.0 tons Speed:170 km/h
 AZ 105mm 2-Barreled Beam Gun x2 (Back)
 Electron Bite Fangs  (Mouth)
 Electron Claw x2  (Hands)
 Flamethrower x2  (Arms)

- Awakened Wild Liger

Length:8.4 m Height:4.5 m Weight:48.0 tons Speed:246 km/h
 Fangs  (Mouth)
 Gold Color Leg Claw (Feet)
 Mane Claws  (Back)
 Radiator Fins  (Legs)
 Roar Cannon  (Mouth)

- Atrocious Wolf

Length:??? m Height:??? m Weight:??? tons Speed:??? km/h
 3-Barrel Cannon (Chest)
 Cutter Blades  (Back)
 Laser Cannons  (Blades)
 Tail Fang  (Tail)