- The Zoids Bible: Zi History File

    The Zoids Bible isn't actually a book, but a series of pages that came in a set, unbound, in the Zoid Core Box. It was later rereleased in the Zoids graphics with slight modifications.

    This book goes into amazing detail over the history of the Planet Zi. It explains more about the Ancient Zoidians, the development of Zoid Cores, and the evolutionary timeline of all life on the planet. It's a great read for anyone who likes learning more about the Zoids universe, and those who have an affinity for wild Zoids.

    We'll be going over a combined version of the two variations, but will also have a page exclusively for the differences. All translations and scans are courteous of Falcarius~

- Table of Contents

     001 ~ 001: Evolution of Life on Planet Zi
     002 ~ 004: Planet Zi
     005 ~ 007: Metal Lifeforms
     008 ~ 010: Wild Zoids
     011 ~ 013: Ancient Zoidians
     014 ~ 018: The Age of Intertribal Conflict
     019 ~ 023: The Age of the War of the Two Tribes
     024 ~ 028: The Age of Tribal Unification
     029 ~ 029: Outbreak of the Central Continent War
     030 ~ 033: Arrival of Earthlings
     034 ~ 035: The Age of the Central Continent War

- Pages