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- Zoids Wild Arena Second Test Phase!

 The second testing phase for the Zoids Wild Arena app recently concluded, though the team has expressed interest in holding more tests, with Polygon Gaming evidently planning to hold multiple gaming sessions.

 So, what changed in this play test?

 A slew of new cards were added to the game, which introduced additional gameplay styles. For example, the ability for cards to replicate themselves under certain conditions, and the introduction of Corrupted machines, which have different gameplay effects and can be summoned to the battlefield under certain conditions. This could be used to clog your enemies' field, preventing them from summoning more powerful Zoids while ensuring that the Zoids on their field either damaged the Commander, the other Zoids, or at the very least, weren't some insane rex running around. The game also provided roughly 20 cards per day, compared to the previous 25.

 The game balance felt better overall; it wasn't quite as hard to catch up from a short bad luck streak as it was in the first play test. However, some of the new options also felt quite overpowered (such as replicating Zoids being able to use status effects from tactics cards.) It's still lovely to see the BCH variants getting some new life, and the Official Website has been updated with a card viewer that lets you view, so far as I've noticed, every card currently released in-game!

Games Zoids Wild NFT Arena Official Zoids Wild2023-02-19 22:19:39

- Zoids Wild NFT Arena Updates!

 Zoids Wild NFT Arena has been posting frequent idle animations of the various Zoids that'll appear in the game, including Blade Liger, Beast Liger (+ Running Animation, Fang Tiger, Wild Liger, (+ Running Animation), Hunter Wolf (+ Running Animation), Cannon Bull (+ Running Animation), Knuckle Kong (+ Running Animation), Gilraptor (+ Running Animation), and Sonic Bird (+ Running Animation.

Games Zoids Wild NFT Arena Official Videos2022-09-27 13:36:53

- Zoids Wild NFT Arena

 In a rather unexpected turn of events, korean gaming company ACT Games will be launching an NFT-based Zoids Wild project. Western fans are quite adverse to anything block chain adjascent, and with the game relying heavily on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, obviously, reviews have been less than positive. For now, we'll just cover what we know about the game itself.

 Twitter account ZoidsWild (Wait, this name was never claimed before now?) serves as the game's official account, and they have a gorgeous promo video as their top post. This is the same style of video used for the Zoids Wild Infinity Blast opening, and it's well worth a watch, even if you're not into the game concept.

 Fans were apprehensive about the game's website in its earlier iteration, which featured mostly reused assets, such as loading screens from Infinity Blast falsely rebranded as "Concept Art" (it is not concept art for this game at all) as well as reused models and assets from the switch games. This shady opening didn't do the developers any favors, but it seems things are now moving along in full swing. The site also featured profiles for some of the associated cards, with animated Zoid images and basic stats. The nice part about this is that, while it's still reused data (mostly the existing profiles), it's nice to see them in English.

 The game was shown off at Licensing Japan, a large game licensing event, where various promotions were exhibited. The Teaser Clip confirmed that further asset reuse extended to the variations from Battle Card Hunter, such as the Spideath Dusk. While this is also somewhat controversial, it'll be interesting to see some of those BCH variants without lighting effects obscuring their true colors.

 Since then, the Twitter account has been introducing various Zoids that'll star in the game, including Rising Liger, Blade Liger, Beast Liger, and Wild Liger, with an additional concept video of the Wild Liger.

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