- Liger Zero X "The Iron Bible"

Registration Number: RZ-041 (Lion Type)
Name: Liger Zero X TIB
    "TIB" is not an official name.
Japanese: ライガーゼロイクス
Height: 9.8 m
Length: 24.0 m
Weight: 115.0 t
Speed: 315.0 km/h
* Stat Information: Based on Battle Story
Weapons: Equipment:
    Electron Driver (Blades, Forward Deployment)
    Laser Fang* (Mouth)
    Strike Laser Claw x4* (Paws)
    Stun Blade (Blades, Side Deployment)

* Not listed in technical data but still used.
Equipment for the base Zero unit.
    Chaff Dispensor x4 (Legs)
    Cutter Fairing x2 (Cheeks)
    Drum Condenser (Lower Back)
    Earth Unit (Tail)
    Electron Driver Radiation Fin Set of 4 x4(Legs)
    Objective Blade Sensor x4 (Legs)
    Static Generator x2 (Upper Back

Other Equipment:
    CAS (Changing Armor System)
    Optical Camouflage (Active Stealth)

- Liger Zero Introduction

    The Liger Zero X "TIB" is a variation from a promotional DVD titled "The Iron Bible Vol. 00." This highly detailed variation has a number of marking diffences, but was made a seperate article because it carries slightly modified equipment.

- Details of Design

- Custom Lenses On Mane, Custom Canopy

    The Liger Zero X from The Iron Bible features custom green lenses, much to the tune of those you'd see on HMM Zoids on the mane. One in the point of the cockpit, and one in each of the gold bars that go back towards the top of the mane.

    Aside from that, the X also has a U shape carved into the top of the cockpit canopy. This has shown up on multiple iterations of the Liger Zero X, and begins just above the front of the eye.

- Custom Decals

    All Zoids from The Iron Bible feature a large number of custom decals. Some of these are standard, such as the CAUTION and DANGER decals, and some are more customized, such as the large circle on each translucent panel that reads Liger Zero X.

    Most of these decals read "Liger Zero X", sometimes including the EZ registration number.

- Additional Equipment Information

- Electron Driver Radiation Fin Set of 6 x4

Electron Driver Radiation Fin Set of 6 x4:

    The Liger Zero X featured in The Iron Bible Vol. 00 features six radiation fins on each leg, not four. When active, these fins extend straight out and crackle with electricity. Although the movie shows them glowing blue, they're actually silver, with the small square at the end being gold.

- Featured In Media

The Iron Bible vol. 00

    Liger Zero X appeared in one of the most iconic promotional videos of all time; The Iron Bible. In this feature the Liger switched to X CAS to meet the König Wolf head on in combat. While the wolf retreated, the X was faced with the Mad Thunder and forced to do the same. An alternate ending to this video featured the Liger Zero X preparing to fight the Konig Wolf, but the video ended before they actually make contact.

- Notable Variations