- Juno Hera

* Standard Character Information
Name: Juno Hera (ユーノ・エラ)
Face: Artificial Being (Part Ancient Zoidian)
Series: Zoids Saga II
Primary Features:
    - Zoids Saga II
Affiliations: None
Family: None
Primary Zoid:
    - Gun Tiger
Secondary Zoid:
    - Death Meteor
    - Redler Intercepter (Red)
Voice Actors: ---

- Character Introduction

    Juno is a mysterious woman, unable to recall her past, and only aware of her keen abilities as a Zoid Pilot. Her story becomes increasingly convoluted as she begins to realize, through the words of her enemies, what her true purpose is.

- Personality

    Juno is sometimes quiet, but friendly. She appreciates Zeru's company, and for a time enjoys piloting Zoids. Even as her past starts to creep up on her Juno sticks to what she believes is right, and is willing to make grave sacrifices to ensure that nobody is harmed.

- History

    When Juno first wakes up, she finds herself within ancient ruins. She was rescued a year before she met Zeru, and was taken care of by the villagers, who found her unconscious. After a while she left in search of her past, claiming that she couldn't recall anything about who she was or where she came from. Only that she could pilot a Zoid.

    Her first interactions with Zeru were generally positive. She helped his Saberlion survive an attack by molgas, using her Gun Tiger. Soon after they even entered event battles together, but it wasn't very long before she was kidnapped by Polta and the Backdraft Group. Zeru immediately ran to her aid, but it was some time before he was able to see her again.

- Genetic Experiments

    While under control of the Backdraft Group, Juno's genetic code was copied and applied to Leviathe. She was also subjected to experiments regarding the ZOS, which caused further memory loss, but in the end she was able to return to Zeru's team.

    It was Gard that explained what she truly was. An artificial being, created from the genes of an Ancient Zoidian and the Death Saurer of older times. When time warps altered the known world, she was discovered by Gard in the ruins. He said that she was there to give rise to the Death Meteor, the evolutionary successor of the Death Saurer.

- The Death Meteor

    While Juno had no choice in the genetic experiments carried out on her, she gained some control when the Death Meteor finally rose. It was Gard's ambition to use the mighty Zoid as a weapon to conquer the world, and every timeline that he didn't destroy. She was scared, fearing that the Death Meteor was invading her mind.

    Finally, Gard moved to launch the Zoid on its intended tyrade. Only, the Zoid wouldn't move. Juno's unique connection to the Meteor had allowed it to learn through her memories. It was able to gleam that Zeru was a member of Zenebas Royalty, which made him the Meteor's one true master over Gard. When it rejected Leviathe's attempts to control it, the Zoid isntead self destructed.

    Soon the world is falling down around them, and Zeru takes the group to the Arcadia Ruins. Juno ponders if they'll even remember reach other after everyone returns to their own times, but Zeru promises that no matter where she goes, he'll find her again. Just after time returns to normal, she runs into Zeru. She doesn't remember him, but she does suspect they've met before.

- Zoids

- Gun Tiger

A battlestory Gun Tiger.
    When Juno set out on her journey she piloted a Gun Tiger, though where she got the Zoid is uncertain. It accompanied her from some time, helping to defeat the molgas antagonizing Zeru's Saberlion, then later entering into tournament battles alongside her new partner.

    The Zoid disappeared after she was kidnapped. Even so, it was an interesting choice, as the Saberlion was a technical rival of the Gun Tiger during the war.

- Redler Interceptor

Juno's Red Redler Interceptor.
    After her kidnapping, Juno was finally returned to Zeru. She brought a Redler Interceptor with her, sporting a red colorscheme. It was at Dr. T's recommendation that she have the Zoid examined, and when they agreed, they found it equipped with a Zoidcore Overload System.

    Not only did it have a ZOS, but it was an exceptionally unstable model. Dr. T mentioned that it was dangerous enough to use the original ZOS with an Organoid, nevermind without one. It was presumed that the simultaneous use of multiple unstable ZOS could be responsible for the time distortions that the world was suffering.

- Death Meteor

Death Meteor, the evolved being of the Death Saurer.
    The Death Meteor, though not technically intended for Juno, was created by Gard using her as a 'host' of sorts. Though this wasn't described in great detail, it was mentioned that she shared parts of her mind with the Death meteor. This is perhaps why the Zoid refused to attack when she willed it to act in such a manner; why it recognized her as its only master, and refused to listen to Gard.

    The Zoid was destroyed when it rejected the Geno Flame and self destructed.

- Featured In

    Game Media: Zoids Saga II
    Game Media: Zoids Saga III [Fuzors]
    Game Media: Zoids Scramble: Volume 1 [Card Game]

    Book Media: Zoids Saga II [Game Guide]