- Zeru Jupit

* Standard Character Information
Name: Zeru Jupit (ゼル・ユピート)
    * Can also be translated as Zell.
Age: ---
Series: Zoids Saga II
Primary Features:
    - Zoids Saga Games
Affiliations: Unknown, Possibly Zenebas
Family: Unknown
Primary Zoid:
    - Saberlion
    - Blitz Tiger
Secondary Zoid:
    - Saber Tiger
    - Shield Liger
Voice Actors: ---

- Character Introduction

    Zeru is the main character of (and first premiered in) Zoids Saga II. He is a young man looking for Zoid battles and was thought to be from an unknown Zenebas heritage. He ended up working against the games antagonists, including Gard Kreuger, in an attempt to stop the ever destabilizing ZOS system.

- Personality

    Zeru doesn't always react much to the present situation, but like most protagonists, he's a good hearted kid who is always trying to help others, defending anyone he sees having trouble. Even so, he actively seeks out battles and wishes to become a better pilot.

- History

    In a frontier village, Zeru was born to two parents in the armed forces. This happy beginning swiftly changed when war spread to their home, and the entire village was destroyed, leaving Zeru as the sole survivor. The child became lost, and after years decided to search for the place where his life had begun: His original hometown. He had only one clue, a pendant that had belonged to his mother, and been given to him by his father. While being a Zoid Warrior slowed his progress he didn't give up, continuing the search in a small green Saberlion.

    This journey took an unusual turn when he met Juno, a girl with a blurry past. They became close throughout several battles, and when she was kidnapped he derailed his journey to save her.

    He also encountered Dr. T, a mysterious scientist researching the relationship between Zoids and Organoids. In particular, the Zoidcore Overload System. Thanks to Zeru's help in regaining Dr. T's Zoid, he offered him the Organoid to serve as his personal bodyguard. A feline organoid named Pulse. He even gave him his second Zoid! (A Saber Tiger or Shield Liger depending on the player's choice.)

- The Zoidcore Overload System

    Zeru's life wasn't only complicated by Juno's capture, but by the ZOS. Throughout their travels they found that this system was solely responsible for the destablization of time, causing the past, the present, and the future to all exist simultaneously.

    It turned out that Juno had been captured for testing purposes regarding the ZOS, and once returned, she had no recollection of what had transpired during her capture. Much thanks to the system taking control of her mind from the prolonged use of it.

    After investigating a time warp they received a mysterious message, instructing Zeru to take the Blitz Tiger. It was his third Zoid, designed specifically to work in unison with Pulse. Zeru could only theorize that the tiger was sent back to repair the damage that the ZOS had done, and restore time to its rightful order.

- The End of the World

    Zeru soon stood to face their true enemy: Gard, the ruler of Terra Geist, an organization that sought to resurrect the fallen Zenebas Empire. It is from Gard that he learned Juno was only a robot, created from the genes of an Ancient Zoidian to serve as a host for the Death Meteor.

    Just when his team thought it was their responsibility to save the world, the Meteor instead refused to attack. The Zoid had gained knowledge through Juno's memories, and realized that Zeru was its true master, an actual member of Zenebas royalty. This gave him more control over the true Zenebas Zoid than Gard, who simply couldn't understand why the Zoid wouldn't obey him. It even went so far as to reject Leviathe and her Geno Flame, resulting in the untimely self destruction of the monstrous Zoid.

    With the world facing destruction from the destablization of the ZOS, and their primary opponent neutralized, Zeru took his Blitz Tiger to Arcadia Ruins. There he used Pulse's capabilities, combined with the Blitz Tiger, to send everyone back to their own time. In their final moments he made a promise to Juno, that no matter where she went, he'd find her again.

    Afterwards the world resumed, everyone left with a vague thought that something was off, but unable to recall exactly what that was.

    Finally, Zeru bumped into a familiar green haired girl. They couldn't recognize each other, but he thought they'd met before...

- Assets

- Pendant

Zeru's pendant.
    Zeru's only noteworthy personal asset is a pendant given to him by his father. He was told that it once belonged to his mother, but he didn't know its true meaning until he encountered Reiner and the rest of the "Zenebas Hunters" of Rottiger. They expressed that the pendant was only given to Zenebas royalty, and as such, Zeru himself must be a member of the Zenebas Empire.

    This could imply that Zenebas ultimately rose again, but it's only conjecture, and his status as Zenebas royalty is never brought up again.

- Zoids

- Saberlion

A battlestory Saberlion, sporting the same colors as Zeru's.
    When Zeru got older, he went in search of his hometown. Along the way he fought quite a few battles in stadiums and events, using his trusty Saberlion as his Zoid. He wanted to become a better pilot, and this was his first known Zoid on that journey. This lasts until he ultimately upgrades to the Saber Tiger or Shield Liger.

    The Saberlion is the first Zoid that the player controls in battle, and though it's not the strongest Zoid in the world, it does its job of introducing people to the leveling system of the game. It was only fitting that Juno, Zeru's partner, would pilot the Gun Tiger, the original rival of the Saberlion in the Battle Story.

- Blitz Tiger

Concept art of the Blitz Tiger.
    Following a massive earthquake, Zeru and his team uncovered the Blitz Tiger hidden in the ground. Soon they receive a mysterious message from an unknown source telling them to take the Zoid, that it was designed to maximize the use of the ZOS System. A power that would reach its peak when the Zoid was merged with Pulse.

    Zeru theorizes that the Blitz Tiger was sent back from the future, by someone who knew that this catastrophe would happen. Dr. T takes that theory one step further and suggests that Zeru himself is the one who sent the Zoid back, and that he may hail from a different time.

- Featured In

    Game Media: Zoids Saga II
    Game Media: Zoids Saga III [Fuzors]
    Game Media: Zoids Saga DS
    Game Media: Zoids Full Metal Crash
    Game Media: Zoids Vs. II
    Game Media: Zoids Scramble: Volume 1 [Card Game]

    Book Media: Zoids Saga II [Game Guide]