- Smack Zoids: B-PART

     Smack Zoids! was a segment of Dengeki Hobby Magazine in the early 2000s, which emphasized the customization and conceptualization of Zoids. The segment even extended to include custom model kits, but during the B-PART in particular it also revealed early concept designs. Failed production sketches that never made it to the final design but were amazingly detailed and great ideas in their own right.

     This article will focus on that B-PART series. As we upload the full page scans to DHM we'll also try to provide some insight into the designs. Most translations are done via Google Translate by an amature, so please forgive any horrible inaccuracies!

B-PART Segments:
     -2002 Jan: Explanation of the History of Wolf Zoids
     -2002 Feb: The Genealogy of Liger Zoids