- Smack Zoids! B-PART

Issue: Dengeki Hobby Magazine, April 2002
Focus: Transport Zoids

* Introduction section uses automatic translation. Individual Zoid translations are courtesy of Falcarius!

 In this month's B-Part, we would like to introduce the design sketches of super-large Zoids that were mentioned in the interview included in the separate appendix. These were basically drawn during the planning of the DX Zoids Collection. They were drawn on the assumption that such Zoids carriers actually exist in the unseen parts of the Zoids world, and some of the designs have appeared in the illustrations of the card game.

The World of Super-Large Zoids

 As a general rule, creatures that haven't been chosen as motifs for previous Zoids were selected for the sketches of these super-large Zoids (Zoid Carriers). In particular, there are numerous sketches of bird types, some of which were not included in this issue.

Pingitrain (Penguin Type)

 Transforms into flying/diving mode. A Zoid hangar is set in its belly.

Sunfish-type Carrier

 The sides of its body open up and Zoid hangars appear, like a collection case. It has a sortie hatch for large-scale Zoids on its underside.


 A large-scale starfish-type combat carrier. Stores Zoids in its centre and four non-front limbs.


 Has hatches in the sides and back of its head, and can also store Zoids in the tips of its eight limbs.

Pelican Type

 Has Zoid hangars in its belly and inside its bill. The bridge-like control tower on its back has the same design as the peacock-type.

Seahorse Type Escort Vessel

 Drawn as an escort vessel for a leafy sea dragon-type carrier. Appears in the card game as an Imperial Zoid carrier.

Peacock Type

 Has a hangar in its belly. The one shown here is a shield vessel that can deploy an E-Shield from its tail feather parts, but a gunship sketch was also drawn.


 A small-scale jellyfish-type dolly that hovers through the air. When it lands, its underside pole mast is stored inside its body.

Bigray (Large-Scale Combat Carrier)

 A manta ray-type Zoid with a Zoid hangar in its mouth part. Size-wise, it is about the same class as Dragoon Nest.

Trilobite Type Landing Ship

 Its entire head is a hangar. Seems to be about the same size as Hover Cargo.