- HMM König Wolf Heavy Arms

Posted: 2021-12-18 03:14:05

 Kotobukiya also announced the Heavy Arms variant! This blue wolf beat MK-II to the punch, and includes both of the customize parts that earn it such a fitting name. Not only that, but Kotobukiya's version of the HA will include brand new parts never commercialized in model kit form until now. It will come with a double-seater cockpit that was seen in the additional comic, which was included in DVD form in the original (motorized) Heavy Arms release. Kotobukiya reaching out to publish never-before-materialized variations is something that I think appeals to a lot of fans. We never imagined we'd get kits like the HMM Psycho Geno Saurer, and I can't express how much I appreciate them putting this extra care into their products!


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