- Shield Liger Marking Plus!

Posted: 2022-01-09 00:09:29

 Kotobukiya's Shield Liger Marking Plus is now popping up for pre-order, retailing for 6,000 yen with a May release date. A recent LABO article talks about the kit. It'll come with new decals, including those from the Masterpiece Shield Liger. Clear colorless parts will be included in addition to the clear orange canopy and such. The kit will be released in newly molded colors, with a darker blue closer to the Tomy Shield Liger, silver claws and teeth, darker gray (nearly black) for the legs and gray for the body.


- Dark Horn Rerelease!

Posted: 2022-01-09 00:09:12

 Koto also announced a rerelease of their Dark Horn! The Horns really are a cool kit to build. It'll be released in June for 6,800 yen. Pre-order links have been added to the table at the bottom of the page.


Second Stand River Battle Conclusion!

Posted: 2021-12-18 03:16:36

 Stand River has concluded, and the battle ended in the Republic's victory, with 704 points to the Empire's 579. There were so many amazing customs entered into both sides, which you can view here. I highly recommend browsing through all of the pages, because there are some amazing gems hidden in there, like the Bigasauru Mk-2 and the King Liger inspired kits! I'll leave the news post containing a link to the stream beneath all of the announcements if you want to check it out.


- HMM Shield Liger Marking Plus

Posted: 2021-12-18 03:16:11

 In a suiting turn of events, the first new Zoid announced at Stand River is the Shield Liger Marking Plus Ver.! Shield Liger was also the first HMM Zoid to be announced, and according to Koto's website, it hasn't been rereleased since the launch of the series in 2006. From first glance it looks like the MPV might be a slightly darker, richer blue, closer to the original Tomy motorized kit, but this is hard to confirm with photos alone.


- HMM EHI-7 Reddra

Posted: 2021-12-18 03:15:53

 Fans have been asking for more flying Zoids for a long time, and Redler has been high on that list! Now we have official announcements, starting with the EHI-7 Reddra! This kit has a ton of seamless articulation, which adds so much personality to it. The default Reddra comes with two beam guns for the wings.


- HMM EZ-005 Redler

Posted: 2021-12-18 03:15:39

 A separate release has been confirmed for the EZ-005 Redler! Aside from sporting new colors, this version of the Redler will also include additional weaponry. What we saw in the stream was a gun for the chin and two sets of missiles for the wings. At the moment the Redler is still in development, so its equipment specifics may be subject to change.


- HMM Zoids CP Booster Cannon Set

Posted: 2021-12-18 03:15:14

 With the announcement of our two Redler variants, we also got an announcement for a Zoids Customize Part Booster Cannon Set! This CP shows some great developments in the handling of Zoid-specific weapons. It uses standard 3mm hardpoints which means that it can be equipped to a wide variety of Zoids. The attachments can be configured differently so that, for example, the weapons are oriented in a wider / flatter position for a more streamlined appearance.


- HMM Green Horn AB

Posted: 2021-12-18 03:14:56
 Continuing their trend towards Yuji Kaida kits, Kotobukiya has also announced a Green Horn AB! This kit came with some surprises. It features a new frill (an anti-charged particle shield) and additional tail equipment. Many people have anticipated the Green Horn for a while now, and it's looking great~

(By the way, we have been receiving inquiries about fixing our webcomic links. I'll try to get that done soon! Sorry for the inconvenience in the mean time.)


- HMM Customize Part Attack Booster

Posted: 2021-12-18 03:14:40

 With the Green Horn came the announcement of a brand new customize part, featuring the Blade Liger's Attack Booster! However, this kit will include some improvements over the original Blade Liger version. It will now make use of more universal connector types, meaning the Attack Boosters can be equipped to multiple other Zoids, not just the Blade Liger.


- HMM König Wolf

Posted: 2021-12-18 03:14:27

 The HMM König Wolf has finally been announced! Compared to other HMM Zoids this kit has a rather faithful design to the older model, refined with HMM-level detail. Of course, with big chompy teeth. This wolf has been highly requested by fans for years, placing high in Kotobukiya's yearly product surveys. It's funny that its rival, Liger Zero X, was released just in time to the steal the 053 slot in the HMM lineup, given that the wolf was RZ-053 in the old kits.


- HMM König Wolf Heavy Arms

Posted: 2021-12-18 03:14:05

 Kotobukiya also announced the Heavy Arms variant! This blue wolf beat MK-II to the punch, and includes both of the customize parts that earn it such a fitting name. Not only that, but Kotobukiya's version of the HA will include brand new parts never commercialized in model kit form until now. It will come with a double-seater cockpit that was seen in the additional comic, which was included in DVD form in the original (motorized) Heavy Arms release. Kotobukiya reaching out to publish never-before-materialized variations is something that I think appeals to a lot of fans. We never imagined we'd get kits like the HMM Psycho Geno Saurer, and I can't express how much I appreciate them putting this extra care into their products!


- CP Dual Sniper Rifle & 5-Shot Missile Pod Set

Posted: 2021-12-18 03:13:49

 With the announcement of the König Wolf and König Wolf Heavy Arms, Koto announced the release of the Dual Sniper Rifle & 5-Shot Missile Pod set. Formerly these equipment items were sold separately for the motorized kits, but Koto will now be releasing them as a singular set that includes both pieces of equipment. This means you'll be able to make the white-armored DSR. I'm sure many of you remember using these guys in the Saga games! Like the other Customize Parts announced today, Koto will be designing them to be able to equip to other HMM Zoids, not just the wolves.


- Second Air Stand River Battle!

Posted: 2021-10-24 19:46:41

 Kotobukiya has announced a second Air Stand River Battle! Stand River is a massive event in Japan where people bring together their HMM Zoids and display them as either Republic or Empire, earning points for their respective side. At the end of the event, the side with the most points wins! *(There are no prizes, this is a for-fun fan participation event!)

 Last year, due to the global situation, this event was held online with a massive gallery of customs. Some international fans entered, and it seems that this was quite welcomed by Kotobukiya! This year, they've invited international fans to join, publishing the entry / rules page in both Japanese and English.

Event Overview

  So, here's the important info for the event. They intend to stream the results of the battle, and post a gallery of the submitted works. They plan to introduce the HMM Gilraptor prototype, and make a first-time announcement for various new products! They'll also be introducing a sample of the HMM Liger Zero X.

Submission Details

  For entering the event, check the link above for a full overview of the rules. The submission period ends on October 31st. For many international fans, this will be roughly around the 30th, because Japan time is quite a ways ahead. Be sure to take the time difference into account! While you can view the full rules in the link above, the most important one is that the work must not use other copyrighted materials in the build, including other Koto series like Hexa Gear, or other franchises such as Gundam, etc. This includes the decals and display base. They recommend a flat color background if possible.

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- HMM Liger Zero X Video

Posted: 2021-10-24 19:46:20

 The HMM Liger Zero X has gotten a preview video! This kit is releasing in December for 9,680 yen. The Koto Direct version includes clear colorless shoulder armor.


- HMM Rev Raptor Video!

Posted: 2021-10-24 19:46:03

 Kotobukiya TV posted a video of the full HMM Rev Raptor build! This kit is quite simple, so for those of you who struggle to find the time to build HMMs, this may be the perfect Zoid for you. It's also lightweight enough for it to hang off of other objects without assistance, which is fun. If you haven't ordered the item yet, it's available domestically on Amazon as a pre-order for $49.99 (shipping included), scheduled to be released on November 24th. If you want it now, it's also available on Amazon JP for 4,091 Yen + Shipping.

- Build Video


- HMM Gilraptor Prototype!

Posted: 2021-10-24 19:45:47

 Back in August, Kotobukiya showed off the Gilraptor Prototype! The kit looks amazing, and we should be seeing more of it at Stand River.

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- HMM Reissues!

Posted: 2021-10-24 19:45:27

Godos Marking Plus Ver.:A LABO article back in September mentioned an upcoming RZ-014 Godos Marking Plus Ver. This kit will feature the common cockpit introduced in the Former Republic Ver. in a new, darker color. Both styles of canopies will be included in clear colorless versions. It'll include new decals, and is also able to carry the new Pile Bunker. This kit is available on AmazonJP for 4,267 yen, scheduled for a January 31st 2022 release. It's available domestically on Amazon for $49.99 (shipping included), with a further out release date of March 30th, 2022.

Iguan Marking Plus Ver.:Since then Koto has also announced an Iguan Marking Plus Ver., sporting metallic gunmetal and a slightly darker red color. It'll also include clear colorless parts, added decals, and will be able to hold the new Pile Bunker as a weapon (not included). It's available on HLJ for 4,275 Yen, scheduled to be released in March. It's available domestically on Amazon for $44.99, with a later release date of May 25th.

Command Wolf Repackage Ver.: Last but not least, Koto announced a reissue of the RHI-3 Command Wolf Repackage Version. Wufs are popular so this good boy is selling out fast. You can still pre-order one domestically on Amazon for $49.99 with a pre-order date of April 27th, 2022. The JP release seems to be mostly sold out, but will be releasing in February.


- HMM Zoid Story Updates!

Posted: 2021-08-03 19:13:25

 We've got a chunky update for the HMM Model Kit Section! The following profiles have been updated to include not only the concept art in the instruction manuals, but also machine-translated stories. Kotobukiya significantly expands on the lore of existing Zoids with their own alternative of the Battle Story. So if you like tons of story details, it's worth checking out~ The updated profiles include: Berserk Fuehrer, Liger Zero Panzer, Lightning Saix, and Sturm Tyrann. More are being actively worked on.

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- HMM Liger Zero X Article!

Posted: 2021-08-03 19:10:42

 Kotobukiya's upcoming Liger Zero X kit has finally been added to the website, and they've posted an in-depth article taking a look at what all the kit has to offer. The kit is scheduled to release in December for 9,680 yen. It'll be released alongside the Liger Zero Empire Marking Plus Ver. (6,930) and the X CAS Unit (armor only) for 4,200 yen.

 So what do you need to know? First, the Empire will include a couple changes from the original release. It'll now include clear colorless parts for the eyes and such. However, since the X CAS will now include black armor pieces for the jaw, the P runner will now only be molded in gold.

 Second, since we have a lot of Donner fans out there, it's worth mentioning that Kotobukiya's site only lists clear colorless shoulder armor for the Kotobukiya Direct X CAS Unit (armor only) set. These pieces aren't listed for the full X kit that includes a base body. Thankfully, it seems these exclusives are now reaching US distributors, such as USA Gundam Store! So it is much easier to obtain them than before.

 As a closing note, we've also seen the HMM Death Stinger ZS Box Art. The HMM Lightning Saix Marking Plus Version is also scheduled to be rereleased in January for 5,200 yen.


- HMM Rev Raptor Updates!

Posted: 2021-06-19 12:35:44

 Back in April, LABO posted a blog entry on the HMM Rev Raptor! This shows off a painted sample of the upcoming model kit, which is scheduled to release in September for 4,800 Yen. It's the first completely new small-scale Zoid since the Pteras Bomber, as Godos and Iguan both reuse parts.

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