- HMM Raven Raptor!

Posted: 2021-06-19 12:35:03

 Just a few days ago we received news on the HMM Raven Raptor! During the earlier announcements, many people thought this might turn out to be a Koto Exclusive, both because if being announced at the same time, and because of earlier trends. However, it seems it'll be a normal release, which is fantastic! The kit is scheduled to release in November 2021 for 6,300 Yen, and will include a Pile Bunker. Both Rev Raptor and Raven Raptor will feature new box art by Mercy Rabbit. As an exciting development, the blog also mentions their plans to post an introduction for the Liger Zero X next month!

- HMM Pile Bunker Unit!

 The Pile Bunker is also scheduled to release in November for 1,500 yen, alongside the release of the HMM Raven Raptor. These weapons attach to two attachment arms on the lower back. You can attach two at once, or use the other slot for radar parts, etc. The weapon is also compatible with Iguan and Godos, who are able to actually hold the huge weapon, holding on to the bars along the top. It includes original decals as well! At this time, Koto has said they have no intention to release the earlier-made Customize Parts as separate CP sets. So the Molga's Cannory Unit, Command Wolf's Attack Unit, and so on.


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