- HMM Guysack Painted Sample Reveal

 Kotobukiya has posted a LABO article showing off the painted sample of the HMM Guysack! It'll be on display at the Kotobukiya Collection 2024 in their Akihabara store and pre-orders are expected to open on February 8th. The blog shows off the two types, Standard and Heavy Armor, as the kit includes parts for both. The two cockpit types, though similar to the other whitehead Zoids released by Kotobuykiya in the past, are actually new molds with the side pipes lifted up and the overall design brought up to modern standards. This decision was made because it'd have actually been more expensive to use the Godos parts.

 Last but not least, Kotobukiya will be holding a livestream introducing this painted Guysack on February 9th. Subscribe to their Youtube channel to be notified when the stream becomes available.

 The company also posted a reminder that the sequel Art of HMM book is to be released on the 7th.

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