- Liger Red Hiou

Registration Number: ZGe-004 (Lion Type)
Name: Liger Red Hiou (Scarlet Cherry Blossom)
Japanese: ライガーレッドヒオウ(緋桜)
Height: 7.0 m
Length: 20.0 m
Weight: 72.5 t
Speed: 288 km/h
* Stat Information: Based on Zoids Generations
Weapons: Equipment:
    AZ 108 mm High Density Beam Gun (Tail)
    AZ 208 mm 2 Barrel Shock Cannon x1 (Chest)
    Laser Fang (Mouth)
    Strike Laser Claw x4 (Paws)
    Downforce Stabilizer x2 (Sides)
    Ion Turbo Booster x2 (Back)

- Liger Red Hiou Introduction

    The Liger Red Hiou is a special Liger Zero from the Zoids Generations story. It served as a temple guardian for some time, but is also a counterpart Zoid to the Liger Blue.

- Name Notes:

    Liger Red is the actual unit name, named such for its color and differentiating it from the standard Liger Zero. "Hiou" is a given name; what people refer to that specific, individual liger as.

- Details of Design

Small Size

    While the Liger Blue is noted to be about 9% smaller than the standard Zero, the Hiou is even smaller than that; about 16%. Unlike the Blue, however, the Hiou isn't just as feisty as the basic. In fact, it is noted for its more passive behavior, weaker strength, and slower speed.

Armor Translucency

    According to one record, Hiou's armor turned slightly translucent after adding additional equipment. Although the cause is unknown, it's suspected to be from the Zoid's life force waning, implying a notable weakness in Hiou compared to other ligers. When the model kit was released, it was released with clear armor to emphasize this fact.

- Equipment Information

    Please see the basic Liger Zero article. Hiou has all of the same equipment.

- Concept Art


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- Merchandise

Model Kits:

    Model Kit: Dengeky Hobby "Liger Red Hiou"

- Featured In Media

Zoids Generations

    The Liger Red was primarily featured in Zoids Generations, a story from Dengeki Hobby Magazine that was later compiled into a book. The Liger Red, or "Hiou" lived at a temple and acted primarily on its own cogniscience. Its personality was unusual for a Liger Zero; excessively passive with no real attitude. Over the years it grew close to Seki, a girl that it had known since a young age. Although it had no particular pilot, Hiou allowed Seki to board the cockpit.

- Secondary Media Appearances

    Book Media: Zoids Generations

    Game Media: Zoids Dash (Color Variant)
    Game Media: Zoids Infinity Neo EX
    Game Media: Zoids Saga M

- Notable Variations