- Kei Isurugi

* Standard Character Information
Name: Kei Isurugi
Age: ---
Series: Zoids Battle Story
Primary Features: Zoids Note Map Vol. 1
Affiliations: Republican Army
Rank: Major of the Information Bureau
Family: ---
Primary Zoid:
    - Blade Liger KS
Secondary Zoid:

- Character Introduction

    Kei Isurugi is a Major of the Helic Republic, working for the Information Bureau. Little is known about her character, as she's mentioned as an example of forgotten heroes from war. Her design was originally drawn by Ueyama Michiri.

- Personality

    Kei's point of view isn't written, to our knowledge, so there's no precedent of personality. It can be assumed that she's a fairly careful person, given her stealth based Zoid.

- History

    Kei Isurugi was known to pilot the Blade Liger KS, traveling under the cover of night to do surveillance, gaining information on enemy units for the Information Bureau of the Republican Army.

    She was sent on a mission by the Republic to retrieve counterattack data from an associated Republican Base. Along the way she was caught by Imperial pilot Barrett Gatter, who just happened to be testing the Republican Army's prototype Lightning Saix. Her unit was run down and her fate unknown, just like her opponent's.

- Zoids

- Blade Liger KS

The Blade Liger KS deploying its blades.
    Kei Specifications

    The Blade Liger KS was a remodeled Blade Liger designed specifically for night combat. While it carried standard equipment for a Blade Liger, it was painted in dark colors to blend with its intended surroundings. This was the Zoid she used to carry information to and from her employers, though the fate of the Blade Liger was unknown after its encounter with the Imperial Lightning Saix.

    The Blade Liger KS was featured in the Zoids VS games as well, though Kei never appeared alongside it.

- Featured In

    Book Media: Zoids Note Book Vol. 1

    Game Media: Zoids Battle Card Game Vol. 3: Republic Faction