- Starting Model Kit Updates

Posted: 2022-01-09 00:11:16

 Work has begun on a model kit page update. First and foremost, images have been replaced with tables. They still contain Zoid images, but now also include text so that people don't have to know the Zoid's number to find it in the list. You can now ctrl + F to immediately jump to the Zoid's name. Though a little clunkier looking, this should hopefully help the overall browsing experience.

 In addition, I've begun expanding individual kit series pages with thumbnails for kits that don't yet have pages, so that there's still a visual reference list for what kits are in each series. These lists aren't entirely complete yet, but are still being worked on. To improve visibility, the image transparency of kits without pages has been increased, and pages with reviews will now have a green border around the image to make them more visible.

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