- Zoids Wild 2+ Book!

Posted: 2021-06-19 12:34:36

 EX-ZERO isn't the only book! We'll also be getting a compilation book of the Zoids Wild 2+ manga soon! The book will be released late July for 670 Yen, and is available on AmazonJP. The manga has been serialized in CoroCoro Comic over the past year, and as of the August issue, the manga will end. It features tons of high-detail Zoids art and I highly recommend picking it up! Check out some sample images here and here.

Synopsis: Zoids Wild 2+ picks up shortly after the end of Zoids Wild 2, following Tetsuro, pilot of the Xenorex, and his young partner, Arkya. They're members of ZIB, a secret organization that tracks and fights crimes involving Zoids. The world has gotten more complicated after the planet's magnetic field began to increase, so they have their work cut out from them. Especially when it comes to the new enemy of their story, the Burning Liger, a mysterious Zoid with a mind of its own that seeks to eliminate the ZCF.


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