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Posted: 2020-11-23 19:55:13

 A brand new website has been added for Zoids Wild Senki! This page is located on TakaraTomy's official Zoids site, and contains images of some of the Zoids that've appeared so far, with brief profiles and episode summaries. I've included rough google translations for those segments below!

Episode 1:
 With the global population boom, energy resources have been depleted, and frequent local conflicts have surfaced as the Earth is once again entering a full-scale war between the Zoids of the Republic and the Empire, the two major powers.

 In the current war, the Imperial Army has become the lesser force due to the extraordinary activity of the Republican Army's primary machine, the Gilraptor LC. In order to break through the fierce battlefield, the Imperial Army has succeeded in restoring their new lion-type Zoid, the Burning Liger.

 An order to sortie is given to the Burning Ligers, with the intent to annihilate the Republican Army Zoids led by the Gilraptor LC. The battle between the Burning Liger and the Gilraptor LC is about to begin.

Episode 2:
 Gilraptor LC confronts the Burning Liger. Their first match was a fierce back-and-forth battle.

 In the midst of all this, an explosion echoes, and the two machines brace themselves.

 An extraterrestrial Zoid, the ancient emperor dragon, Zero Grizis, who once threatened to destroy the earth, has reappeared.

 The fighting spirit of the Zoids involved in the war awakened the Zero Grizis from its long sleep. Now, as a result of its instincts, the destructive god continues to run wild.

 The Zero Army once led by Zero Grizis also revives, and intervenes in the war between the two great powers, and the outcome of this battle seems to be a three-way war...

 In the mean time, the Republic's new Zoid, which is currently under restoration appears...

Burning Liger: (Lion Type)
 A lion-type Zoid restored by the Imperial Army. It has a lightly armored body, large claws, and several types of small powerful auxiliary weapons. It's equipped with a ZO Visor, so it's possible to draw out the power of the lion species at the rider's discretion, and the Power Cylinders of its limbs allow it to perform agile movements in battle. The Blow Claw has been remodeled to a larger size to give it a stronger impact against enemy Zoids.

 In addition, it's the first machine to be equipped with a Core Drive System recently developed by the Imperial Army, and its Core Drive weapons can be swapped out.

Burning Liger Impact Gatling Conversion Mode:
 A Burning Liger unit equipped with a Core Drive weapon, the Impact Gatling. After equipping it to the Burning Liger it gains an instantaneous and dramatic improvement in combat power. By firing Ion Converging Bullets that are composed of converted core energy, powerful artillery from medium range becomes possible. The Burning Liger can withstand the weight of the Impact Gatling thanks to its legs being reinforced by the Power Cylinders.

Gilraptor LC: (Deinonychus Type)
 A deinonychus type Zoid that acts as the main unit of the Republican Army. The Gilraptor LC (Laser Custom) is a custom machine equipped with an AZ Laser Gun and an AZ Impact Laser Gun. It's capable of high-speed movements using the Jet Boosters on its back and the excellent spring-performance of its legs, and it's skilled at short-term decisive battles, specializing in hit-and-run tactics.

 Basically, it's good at launching assaults against enemy armies using only a single unit, but it's also able to coordinate with multiple units for an attack, and the head radar on its head, which has highly developed sensory functions, allows it to reliably kill while keeping track of the movements of both friend and foe.

Gilraptor LC Wild Blast Mode:
 Gilraptor LC, which has activated its Instinct Release (Wild Blast). A form that specializes in close-range combat by deploying the claw-shaped weapons, the Wing Shotels, on its back while accelerating with the Jet Boosters on its back. It can cut through enemy Zoids with endless quick strikes.


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