- Zoids Index Update

 Several new Zoids have been added to the Zoids Index! This includes the Black Rhimos (who was just a placeholder before), Death Stinger, Gojulas The Ogre, Iron Kong PK, Liger Zero Jager, Liger Zero Schneider, and Ultra Saurus. There are also some minor quality updates, such as making page format more consistent, tables less redundant, etc.

 Liger Zero and Liger Zero Panzer have been updated to use diorama-based imagery, instead of anime imagery, to match the rest of the Index (which focuses on the core lore wherever possible.) Liger Zero and Liger Zero Panzer now also have a military history section, an expanded Media Appearances section, and Panzer has had its concept art fleshed out a bit. Some of the history segments for the Liger Zero series are shared between them, because the CAS units were really more of a side note in the battle story, almost always taking part in the same battles.

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