Clear Files

    Clear files are a two-sided folder in which you can hold papers and other items. Usually you find this sort of product made of paper at an office supply store, but the HMM ones are made out of a thin plastic featuring Zoid images on them. Only two have been released so far.

Geno Ritter Clear File:
    The Geno Ritter clear file was given away with early pre-orders of the Geno Ritter model kit. Orders which were placed through the TakaraTomy mall only. One side features a colored version of the box art and the other side features a Zoids 30th Anniversary logo on an otherwise clear sheet (the faded image you see is just the other side showing through.) Supposedly these were limited to one per household.

HMM Checklist Clear File:
    This clear file was given away with the HMM-026 Liger Zero Schneider, in the boxes that had the whole Zero unit. It was not included in the armor-only boxes. One side is completely clear while the other side features a check list of all HMM Zoids up until that point, including images of their box art. Liger Zero Schneider is already checked off for you to begin your collection!