- Coca Cola Keychains

    This line is a 2009 promotional series collaborated between Tomy and Coca Cola. This isn't the last time that Coca Cola would collaborate with Zoids to create some promotional items, and they are nice for their small size and price.

    The Coca Cola key chains are a little larger than the gachapon line. They are hand painted and have the usual flaws seen in this kind of item. Each has a rope loop as the key chain and because of age these items can vary from ok, to generally disgusting. I've gotten key chains that had what felt like grime on the rope. It could be chemicals released from the products over time but that doesn't make me feel much better about it.

- Command Wolf

    The Command Wolf is based on the NJR color scheme with an orange canopy and cockpit on the back. Its body is a light gray, more akin to the OJR. The rope attaches just above the shoulders. While I like the item over all, the legs look a little gaudy. They could have moved the pipes in a little, but on such a small item, it's still a respectable effort.


    I think it's interesting that the packaging features an OJR Command Wolf, with a brown cockpit instead of orange. If this were an older item I'd be less surprised, but it appears to have been released in 2009.