- Basic Review

    As usual, horrible voice actor narroration.

    Like the others, this DVD has a single Zoid review and a single pilot review, both of which will be detailed below. I do find it interesting though, that they do call Hiltz "Hillz", as his name always seems to be spelled, in spite of how they've pronounced it in the show.


    -Ep. 61 The Great Sea Battle
    -Ep. 62 The Gravity Cannon
    -Ep. 63 The Final Battle
    -Ep. 64 The Ancient Memory
    -Ep. 65 The Zoid Eve
    -Ep. 66 The Moment of Annihilation
    -Ep. 67 Return to Another Tomorrow

Bonus Features:
    -Character Review: Hillz
    -Zoid Review: Death Stinger

-Box Details

(The description below is the presented on the box)


    Will the Guardian and Republic Forces survive against the attacks of Hillz' Death Stinger?
    Then Fiona is brought to the ZOIDS Eve by Dark Kaiser. Will this result in the resurrection of the Death Stinger and destroy all life forever? Or will Van's desperate operation save tomorrow?

Additional Details:

    The back of the box advertises the "Scissor Storm", one of the last NJR Zoids to be released by Hasbro.

-Episode Summaries

    Episode 55: Supersonic Battle
    The Ultra Saurus has managed to escape to

    Episode 56: Cerberus
    Members of the Imperial army are receiving mysterious voice calls to be challenged by a "Trinity Ghost". When the pilots stray from their normal duties to take up these challenges, they find themselves at a loss, faced against a monstrous beast known as the executioner, "Cerberus". In order to handle this threat, the Guardian Force dispatches Van and his Blade Liger to confront and handle the threat, but can they defeat a Zoid invulnerable to attack?

    Episode 57: The Nightmare
    Fiona looses sleep after a premonition of a devastating threat plagues her dreams. Meanwhile, Van and his Blade Liger set out to challenge Raven and his Geno Breaker. Fiona realizes that something is horribly wrong, and she has limited time to stop it. A horrible Zoid awakens in the valley of the rarehertz, and threatens the lives of all pilots involved.

    Episode 58: Attack of the Winged Dragons
    Hiltz and his Death Stinger have stolen a Hammer Kaiser, and attacking from space, have destroyed countless cities with no remorse. To counter this threat the army devises a plan to send Irvine and Thomas into space, using a set of specially modified Storm Sworders to try to bring down the Hammer Kaiser unit.

    Episode 59: The Capital Collapses
    After the escape of the Death Stinger, the Republican Army becomes fearfully aware that the Zoid is moving towards their capital, using an underground lava flow. They dispatch their Defense Forces in two separate areas, while Van Flyheight is confronted by Rease and her Psycho Geno Saurer.

    Episode 60: The Giant Fortress
    Devastation has befallen New Helic City, and the Republic's last chance of survival is to fall back on a massive machine burried beneath Windeen lake. All forces are diverted to the shore to receive final orders.

Character Profile: Hillz

    "Hillz; a cold-blooded villain who uses others to do his bidding. He has a red Organoid, Ambient; and pilots the Death Stinger. It is revealed that Hillz is the evil mad man behind the schemes perpetrated by Prozen."

Zoid Profile: Death Stinger

    Death Stinger!

    "EZ-036 Death Stinger"

    A Zoid created from a lab grown Geno Saurer core, and is a true Organoid, with its fighting spirit, life force, and agility at extremely high levels. With all of the Empire's newest technologies on board, the Death Stinger can travel under the Earth's crust through pure magma and destroy whole cities with its particle cannon.

    Accleration: 3
    Maneuverability: 6
    Detection: 5
    Close Combat: 8
    Fire Power: 8
    Protection: 8

    Type: Sea Scorpion
    Length: 19.4~28.8 meters
    Height: 4.6~19.7 meters
    Weight: 320 tons
    Speed: 185 KPH
    Crew: 1

    -E-Shield Generator
    -Strike Laser (*BITE) Scissors x2
       * Written as Strike Laser Scissors x2, spoken as Strike Laser Bite Scissors x2
    -Laser Fangs x2
    -AZ 105mm Linear Cannon x2
    -AZ 930mm Double-barreled Shock Gun
    -Charged Particle Cannon