- Zombie-kun's Survival Guide

 This was an article posted by CoroCoro Online on July 20th, 2020. It was a collaboration story to celebrate Zo-Zo-Zo-Zombie Kun getting its own toy set. The theme was, of course, zombie Zoids! And since it turned into its own little story, we decided to include a rough translation here.

Please note! This page uses rough iterations of automatic translations, which are bound to have mistakes! It is provided only for convenience, as an easier way to read these translations, until such a time that better translations become available.

Zombie-kun's Survival Guide

At The Time That "Zombie Zoids" Appeared

- [As A Result of biting the Beast Liger...]

 Did you know that the Earth is now going through an unprecedented crisis?

 The real identity of the crisis that's approaching Earth this very moment is the existence of a new biological weapon, "Zombie Zoids."

 I can't see the entire thing, but I can at least tell that it's a completely different form from the regular Beast Liger...!

 The form of the normal Beast Liger. Unlike "Zombie Zoids", you won't find any scratches or corrosion.

 The beginning of the event was an attack on a military base in the country.

 The unknown Zoids encountered by the troops stationed there were said to have "revived" after they had been completely destroyed and stopped moving.

 In addition, any units that were attacked by the unknown Zoids became immortal "zombies". As a result the base is now closed down, and the true situation is that its been almost completely destroyed.

 The following is a record of the communications from that base.

- Communication Records From A Certain Base

July 15th, 20ZZ

 At dawn today, there was an attack by an unidentified unit, which occurred at the base's west gate. We responded with a regiment belonging to the base, and confirmed that the unidentified machine was silent. The unidentified unit will be transferred to the on-site laboratory to investigate their affiliation.

July 16th, 20ZZ

 Today we started an investigation into the unidentified machine. It seems to be a form of lion-type unit, like the ZW25 Beast Liger, but it's extremely difficult to determine because every part of the unit is heavily corroded and damaged. There were also reports that the unit had been severely damaged before the battle with the base's regiment. Also, there seems to be no passenger in the cockpit, and it seems that it has no core, which is the driving force of a Zoid. What on earth...? The research institute at the base has named the unknown machine "ZZ", and the investigation continues.

July 17th, 20ZZ

 A large-scale battle took place at the in-house research center, at midnight today. The unidentified machine destroyed the robust laboratory, and escaped into the base. From the images left by the cameras, and the testimony of those who safely escaped, it was concluded that the attack was by the unknown machine "ZZ", which was currently under investigation. The members were uniformly confused by the shock of the battle, and provided testimonies saying "The dead Zoid was revived" and "We're fighting a corpse." A dozen or so injured people were transferred to the medical ward for treatment.

July 18th, 20ZZ

 At dawn today, a unit was formed and a search of the base was started, but they could find no trace of ZZ. They abandoned the search.

July 7th, Midnight, 20ZZ

 A victim of ZZ lost control and attacked a member of the base. They were all unconscious! Everybody has lost their minds! The lab members said that they were infected by some kind of virus after being injured in the battle with ZZ, but that they don't know what it is. It's a "zombie." I'm not kidding, everyone here is a zombie! Call for immediate assistance.

July 19th, 20ZZ

 I think this is the end. That monster also escaped. I blocked all the gates, but they've all become zombies. I was bitten, too. (Communication Ended)

(Communication Ended)

 The only surviving material from the time of the attack, as seen in the surveillance cameras. The base was in ruins.

 Based on this communication record, the surviving video from the surveillance cameras, and the remaining investigation records, we at CoroCoro Online have formed an emergency response team for this zombie Zoid. We'll study the countermeasures against an attack from the zombie Zoids and write them in the survival guidebook below.

- Zombie Zoids Survival Guide

- Survival No. 1: The Characteristics of Zombie Zoids

 According to the analysis by the response team, the discovered Zombie Zoids are expected to have become zombies via some sort of virus carried by the Beast Liger.

 Complete destruction is impossible because they do not have cores, which are the heart of a Zoid, and are thus no longer alive. In a nature very similar to zombies, the unit awakens after it has become inoperable.

 There isn't a shadow of the white and red coloring, which is characteristic of the Beast Liger, and corrosion can be seen on various parts of the body. This causes a discoloration, like the skin of a dead human body.

 The legs in particular are severely corroded and damaged, and the speed is far inferior to that of the pre-mutation Beast Liger, because it moves as if dragging its legs.

 However, its lust for battle can be said to be an outright obsession, and its power without a control limiter surpasses the pre-mutation Beast Liger!

- Survival No. 2: Encounters With Zombie Zoids

 Never panic if you encounter a Zombie Zoid in the city. If you're calm, there are always ways to survive...

 From the characteristics described above, it seems that taking aggressive action during an encounter is suicide, both in terms of human loss and in resources spent. So the best, and only option for an encounter is to run away.

• Leave Everything And Escape.
 Speed is of the utmost importance to escape from zombie Zoids. Fortunately, the speed of Zombie Zoids isn't that fast. So if you encounter it, prepare to flee as quickly as possible, and leave the area. It's best to get on a Zoid and escape. In doing so, be sure to clear as much distance as possible and avoid the area, to reduce the possibility of being tracked and discovered.

• Stay Quiet And Hide
 If it's too late for you to run, use nearby buildings and terrain to hide yourself, and wait for the threat to move on. Can you hear the foot steps of the Zombie Zoids, with their feet dragging? If you can't hear the roars and growls of your attacker, listen carefully, and pay attention to your surroundings. And even after the crisis has passed, don't underestimate the relentless pursuit of the Zombie Zoids.

• Battle Is The Last Resort
 If you're injured and unable to move or run away, you have the last option of fighting the Zombie Zoids. This should only be used as a last resort if you're found by the Zombie Zoids at close range. However, we do not recommend fighting them with explosives or firearms. This is because people who have been turned into zombies by the Zombie Zoids may hear the sound and gather, leading to the worst situation. Weapons of choice are blunt weapons, crossbows, stones, etc. that won't produce much sound. Be prepared to engage in a battle far from the convenience of modern-day weapons.

- Survival No. 3: In a World Controlled By Zombie Zoids

 We have no choice but to coexist with these uncontrollable beings.

 Is the world going to collapse with the emergence of these new threats to humanity?

 Will human beings, who have weathered the many threats throughout history, be able to do so now, and win? The answer has yet to come.

 No one knows where the Zombie Zoids have been released into the world.

 The cause of the zombies, could it be, the Worldwide Zombie Revival Plan by Zombie-kun?

- Conclusion

 As a result of the investigation by the CoroCoro Online team, we've discovered the reason for why Beast Liger became a Zombie Zoid, and that is:

 It was discovered that it was Zombie-Kun.

 If you have the courage to know the details, please read this report. (The link lead to the advertisements for the Zombie-kun toy line. It was not a continuation of the story. Check out this tweet for a better look at ZZ!)