- Wolff Muroa

* Standard Character Information
Name: Wolff Muroa
Age: ---
Series: Zoids Battle Story
Primary Features:
    - Zoids Battle Story
    - Zoids Fan Book EX
Affiliations: Zenebas Empire
    - Gunther Prozen (Father)
Primary Zoid:
    - Berserk Führer
    - Energy Liger
Secondary Zoid:
Voice Actors: ---

- Character Introduction

    Wolff Muroa is the son of Gunther Prozen. After the death of his father he would go on to lead the Neo-Zenebas Empire. Throughout his conquest he had great success and even managed to claim the majority of the Central Continent through the use of new technologically advanced Zoids such as the Chimera BLOX and Seismosaurus.

- Personality

    Though Wolff has good intentions, he often bares the burden of reality when it comes to handling the Empire. He wants to resolve the conflict that plagues his people, but doing so is not an easy matter. His thoughts frequently go to pondering how much more will need to be sacrificed for them to finally find peace.

- History

    Wolff was originally seen as the leader of the Eisen Dragoon unit, which belonged to the Zenebas Empire and worked for Prozen's ambitions. This unit lead an assault on the Republican capital and was even likely responsible for the death of the President. His unit would later fade out of the story when he came into power and began to lead a greater military force.

    His life was spared early on in his career by Rei Gregg when the Republican Pilot had infiltrated an Imperial base in his Shield Liger DCS-J. The Liger was prompty destroyed by Wolff's Berserk Furher but Rei survived and managed to steal the Empire's Liger Zero prototype. He swiftly gained the upper hand but at the last moment of battle he caught a glimpse of the pilot of the Berserk Furher, and recognized that Wolff had been just as hurt by the war as he had been. He decided to let him leave, knowing he'd later regret it.

    When Wolff reappeared in combat later in the story he was piloting the Energy Liger, a Zoid that redefined the limitations and potential of mechanical warfare. This Zoid was to stand as the guard for the Zenebas Seismosaurus, deterring unruly Gairyukis and that would try to confront the beast.

    The End of the War

    In the final stretch of the war records, Wolff was betrayed by the Liger Zero Xs that surrounded him. Republican Soldiers who had infiltrated his unit. Though they were sorely outmatched by the Energy Liger's speed, a fusion with the Jet Falcon allowed one Liger, piloted by Ray Gregg, to penetrate the Zoid Core of the Energy Liger. This caused the Zoid to spiral into a nuclear meltdown. With nowhere for the energy charger to send its power, the Zoid was at risk of self destructing, killing thousands on the battlefield.

    In the face of this threat, Wolff saw his father's death. He didn't want his Zoid to cause the same harm, and so he ordered his military to push further into Republican territory to escape the blast radius, and piloted his now sluggish Liger in the other direction. He was followed by Ray Gregg, who was familiar with the Jet Falcon's original design being intended for the Energy Liger. He hooked his Zoid up to Wolff's, and the extra power from the Energy Liger was fired into the sky in a brilliant pillar of light. The fate of the pilots is unknown, as is the fate of the war.

- Zoids

- Energy Liger

The Energy Liger defending a Seismosaurus.
    The Imperial Army's Energy Liger is a powerful beast, with capabilities well exceeding any Liger before it. This is largely thanks to the Energy Charger on the Zoid's back, which converts energy into speed, accelerating the body's movement to up to 660 km/h. It not only carries powerful weapons, but can best even the Blade Liger in close range combat. This is the Zoid Wolff pilots into war at the end of the Battle Story, and though it performs perfectly, damage to the Zoid Core causes it to overheat.

    In spite of the core damage the Energy Liger was still able to move, no thanks to the Zoid Core but because of the Energy Charger running overboard. Even with its metal melting around it, the Liger was able to move as a mindless husk controlled by the pilot, its once blazing speeeds decreased to a crawl. With such severe damage it can probably be presumed that the Liger ceased to be, although this is not confirmed.

- Featured In

    Book Media: Fan Book EX 11
    Book Media: Zoids Genesis Promotional Book (Packaged with Liger Blue)
    Book Media: Dengeki Hobby Magazine [October 2007 Issue] (Mentioned briefly for Saga M)
    Book Media: Dengeki Hobby Magazine [May 2006 Issue]

    Game Media: Zoids Battle Card Game: Imperial Volume 5
    Game Media: Zoids Scramble Vol. 3

    Video Game Media: Zoids Tactics
    Video Game Media: Zoids Saga M