- Leviathe Kanone

* Standard Character Information
Name: Leviathe Kanone
Age: ---
Series: Zoids VS
Primary Features:
    - Zoids VS I
    - Zoids Saga II
Affiliations: Terra Geist (Zenebas)
Rank: Member of Terrageist
Loyalties: Gard (Leader)
Primary Zoid:
    - Geno Flame
Secondary Zoid:

- Character Introduction

    Leviathe is a member of Terra Geist, acting as a personal soldier for Gard Krueger. She is so dedicated to their cause that she even offers herself up as a test subject for the experimental ZOS project.

- Personality

    Leviathe is fiercely loyal to Gard Krueger, and thereby Terra Geist and their pro-Zenebas ordeals. She does everything that she can to serve Gard, and even after he nearly writes her off, she tries to prove herself again and again.

- History

- Zoids Saga II

    She was orphaned by war, but later saved by Gard, and received elite combat training to become a Zoid pilot. This made her extremely loyal to Gard, and Terra Geist as a whole.

    Leviathe entered combat with Zeru and his group time and time again, but after her first defeat she took it as a personal mission to defeat Zeru, and thus regain her honor as a member of Terra Geist.

    After she learns that Alteil is running tests on Juno, Leviathe grows jealous. She realizes that she may be replaced as the one to serve as the Death Meteor's host mind. These fears are later confirmed when Gard tells her that no matter how strong of a pilot she may be, Juno is simply more compatible. Still, she insists that she doesn't care about mind control as long as she can serve their cause.

    During the major fight against Gard's Bloody Death Saurer, she arrived on the field and begged to be used for his plan. She copied Juno's physical data, thanks to aid from the Backdraft Group, but after charging the ZOS to full power, her Zoid is destroyed.

    She makes one final attempt to help him by trying to merge with the Death Meteor, hoping that she'll be able to make up for Juno's failure. The Death Meteor tragically rejects her Geno Flame, and self destructs. Soon after, when time returns to normal, she and Lezard go in search of their missing leader.

- Zoids

- Geno Flame

    Not much is actually known about Leviathe's Geno Flame. It's just kind of there, and is the Zoid she pilots at the end of the game.

- Featured In

    Game Media: Zoids Saga II
    Game Media: Zoids VS I

    Book Media: Zoids Saga II [Game Guide]

- Assorted Facts

    - Sometimes works with Volta in Zoids Saga II.
    - Copied Juno's physical data to become a host.