- Gard Krueger

* Standard Character Information
Name: Gard Krueger
Age: ---
Series: Zoids VS
Primary Features:
    - Zoids VS I
    - Zoids Saga II
Affiliations: Terra Geist (Zenebas)
Rank: Leader of Terra Geist
Predecessor: Viper
Primary Zoid:
    - Bloody Death Saurer
Secondary Zoid:
    - Death Meteor

- Character Introduction

    Gard is a member of Terra Geist, an organization that sought to revive the fallen Zenebas Empire. After Viper, he succeeded him as the leader of the organization, and carried out a plan to revive the Death Meteor.

- Personality

    Gard isn't one to see fault in his own desires. He believes in what he's going to accomplish, and is fairly indifferent to whoever gets harmed in the process. All the while he boasts about the glory of Terra Geist, and thereby Zenebas, and soon begins to see himself as the rightful Zenebas ruler. His ambitions rapidly grow out of control, soon desiring to rule the world, and even destroy other timelines that stand in his way.

- History

- Zoids Saga II

    When the world fell apart under the effects of the ZOS, Gard discovered Juno, and quickly realized her true potential. To be the host machine of the Bloody Death Saurer, harboring genes from both Ancient Zoidians and the original Death Saurer itself. He became obsessed with this project, thinking that he could use Juno to create the Death Meteor. He theorized that no matter where he went, the Zoid would allow him to rule. Especially if it could be equipped with ZOS.

Gard Krueger from Zoids Saga II.
    This lead to him joining forces with the Backdraft Group, an organization that he met by happenstance after the time warps. Their relationship was mutually beneficial. Thanks to the time warps, the Zoids Battle Commission, the only true oppressor of the Backdraft Group had vanished. On the other hand, they'd help Gard with his ZOS trials, and even aid in the development of copies of the system.

    It wasn't long before his 'good idea' turned sour. After realizing that the ZOS system was tearing the world apart, Gard actually tried to reverse the effects. However, he was convinced by Alteil not to make such a rash decision. He promised to cut back on their testing if Gard would permit the ZOS project to continue, and so he did.

    In the end, he lost sight of both his subordinates and the threat of his enemies. He began leaving Leviathe in the dust in favor of Juno, a more compatible test subject for the Death Meteor. He regarded his enemies with no fear whatsoever, and expressed his desire to not only take over the world, but use the ZOS to destroy every timeline that wasn't relevant to his own goals.

    When the time finally came for the Death Meteor to begin its march, he found himself lost in confusion. His prized Zoid refused to obey him, and Juno revealed that it had learned of Zeru's Zenebas heritage, which made him the rightful master of the Death Meteor. Gard couldn't comprehend how the rightful successor to Zenebas could be stuck in this situation, abandoned by a Zenebas Zoid that refused to recognize him. After the Death Meteor's destruction, Gard went missing, though it's assumed that he died.

- Zoids

- Bloody Death Saurer

Gard's Bloody Death Saurer.
    When Gard first decided to enter the battlefield he piloted a red Death Saurer, which he referred to as the "Bloody Death Saurer." As a Zenebas Zoid, it's one he's happy to control. Soon after its defeat he resolved to take control of its evolutionary successor, the Death Meteor.

    It's worth mentioning that the game has no distinct Bloody Death Saurer variant, so his is literally just a red Death Saurer.

- Death Meteor

Death Meteor, the evolved being of the Death Saurer.
    The Death Meteor, the evolutionary successor of the Death Saurer. It is Gard's pride and joy, created by using Juno, an artificial being as the host body. The girl was created using the genes of Ancient Zoidians, as well as the old Zenebas Death Saurers. When the beast finally awoken, Gard thought it would be his key to taking over the world.

    Unfortunately for Gard, the beast recognized Juno as its master, not him. It rejected Leviathe's efforts to take control and self destructed, after which Gard went missing.

- Featured In

    Game Media: Zoids Saga II
    Game Media: Zoids VS I

    Book Media: Zoids Saga II [Game Guide]