- Garil Ruins

 The Garil Ruins are a massive underground city of ruins that have spanned multiple media. Their main appearance is in the Zoids Official Fan Books, but they also had a notable representation in the Zoids Chaotic Century anime. Alternate spellings include Garil and Gurrill (Gurrill is from the back of the US DVD release).

- Ancient Civilization Ruins

 The Garil Ruins form a massive underground city, so vast that Ritz Runstedt and his Geno Saurer still hadn't located the final piece of the Organoid System after two days of searching. The ruins were one of many ancient super-civilization ruins that are scattered across the continent of Europa.

- Environment

  • The entrance of the Garil Ruins.
    The entrance of the Garil Ruins (pictured right) is a massive glowing pit consisting of various layers of machinery and lights.

  • Garil is described as a huge, decaying city spread out underground.

  • In spite of its age, the machines within Garil are still alive and working. Most of the diorama images of the ruins shows rippling cables forming walls.

  • A map in Official Fan Book 2 appropriately describes Garil as a maze,
    A map of the ruins.
    with a larger room at the center and five paths leading away from the central structures, as well as five completely closed off rooms (6 if you count the large isolated corridor on the left.) However, it's entirely possible that this map shows only one section of the ruins.

  • During the fight between Arthur Borgmann's Blade Liger and Ritz Runstedt's Geno Saurer it's said that Garil began to collapse. This followed the Geno Saurer firing its Particle Cannon into the ceiling to create an escape route. It's unclarified how much of the ruins were damaged during this incident.

  • - Cultivation Capsule

     The investigation into Garil was carried out with the intent to obtain more information on the Organoid System, a system that caused unusual activity in the Zoid Core, amping up machines that it was equipped to. Unfortunately, the mental strain on the pilot made it almost impossible to mass produce these Zoids, which drove missions such as this one forward.

     A cultivation capsule was discovered in Garil, and following a brief fight, fell into the hands of the Guylos Empire. The capsule contained a Zoid Core. After further study, the Empire concluded that the OS they had at present was closer to the "piece", and that the core recovered from Garil was the "whole". This core was cultivated, and eventually reborn as the Death Stinger, known as the "True Organoid".

     Interestingly, an earlier image showing the capsule implied an actual scorpion type inside, but this is likely for dramatic effect.

    - History

    ZAC 2100, March

     Two months after a test battle in which the Geno Saurer overwhelmed conventional machines, the Guylos Empire still struggled to mass produce it. Only one in ten ace pilots could withstand the mental damage from piloting their Organoid System-focused machine. To resolve this issue, the Imperial Command moved some of their forces south, even at the risk of spreading their front lines too thin. Their objective was to search the ancient ruins and find more data on the Organoid System, hoping to perfect this ominous technology.

     After finding out that the Empire had mobilized southward, the Helic Republic launched their own effort to uncover data from the ruins. Arthur Borgmann and his Blade Liger fought against Ritz Runstedt and his Geno Saurer, each seeking the same technology. However, by sheer chance, the Geno Saurer was knocked back towards the cultivation capsule thought to contain the missing piece. Ritz chose to take the opportunity to escape with the unusual core sealed inside the capsule. The Charged Particle Cannon that he used to blast an escape route through the ruin's ceiling caused a subsequent collapse.

    - Anime Depiction

     The Zoids Chaotic Century anime also features a Garil Ruin in Episode 20, which was modeled after Angkor Wat, the largest religious temple complex in the world. This includes details such as the overall aesthetic and even some personal details from Angkor Wat, such as a corner of the complex that has a tree growing over the wall (pictured below).

    Above photo of Angkor Wat is by Christian Junker's CC collection~

     This depiction of Garil is said to have once been the home of a thriving civilization, stating that there are no references about how they disappeared. Although the plateau rests somewhere in Republican territory, the Imperial Army had been fighting for it for some time.

     At the time that Bang & Co. visited the ruin, it was filled with imperial sleeper units (Rev Raptors). These sleeper units had been instructed not to damage any part of the ruin. This was a clear indicator that the Empire felt that there was yet more knowledge to be gained from excavation of the ruins. Near the end of the episode, Fine has a frightening vision of the Death Saurer.

    Above photo of Angkor Wat is by Dennis Kruyt's CC collection~

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