- Official Zoid Feeds

     This page will post embedded twitter accounts from official sources. We'll be sure to include information on each, though it may not include old (no longer in use) accounts.

- Zoids Official

     This is the main account for Zoids. It includes information from all different categories. The anime, model kits, etc. Sometimes you'll find information on upcoming campaigns and products.

- Anime Zoids Wild

     A twitter account for the Zoids Wild anime! This includes new episode information, links to viewable episodes on Youtube (Japan only), and concept sketches of characters, scenarios, and Zoids.

- Zoids BCH

     An official account for the Zoids Battle Card Hunter arcade game. This console is located in Japan, and the twitter acc often posts high resolution scans of game cards, along with upcoming campaign information.

- Sin Kiju Zoids

     This account was created to cover the 2019 reprint of the Zoids Chaotic Century manga. It was reprinted in 3 different volumes, and as the books are released, they post nice clean images from the manga and news reports.