- 1st Edition Zoids

    During the NJR period a series of Zoids were released to compliment the Zoids Battle Card Game. These Zoids were the 1st edition release. While they were physically the same as any other Zoid released thereafter, first editions came with a special card for the game, which was unique to the 1st editions and had an image of their box art.

    I'd also like to note that there are Fuzors and Genesis Zoids with a red sticker on their box. These kits were known to have come with a Zoids Scramble card, usually featuring a stock image of the model kit over a generic background.

Identifying a 1st Edition

    The 1st Edition Zoids are distinguished by a red octagon sticker on their box. It is important to note that this sticker is red. There are also orange stickers and yellow stickers. Presumably, the orange and yellow stickers are the same thing -- a box that contains a simple advertisement for other Zoid models. They are not 1st Editions.

    These stickers are relatively small. Be sure to note the text on it, do not mix them up with other large red logos commonly found on boxes, such as oversized Tomy logos and Imperial insignias.

Promotional Posters

    Some boxes have a very similar sticker. It is almost identicle except for color and text. This comes in red, orange, and yellow, just that I know of, and many of the NJR kits were rereleased with this poster inside. It is a single side fold with the back being blank. It appears to be the same for all kits that I've been able to verify. Below is a scan of the poster and the sticker. Remember to pay attention to the text!

Verified NJR 1st Edition Releases

    All of the Zoids under this section come with a Battle Card Game card, if they're actually 1st editions. This card usually features one of the diorama style images from the box art.

    - Berserk Fuehrer
    - Blade Liger
    - Command Wolf AC
    - Command Wolf Irvine
    - Dark Spiner
    - Death Saurer
    - Death Stinger
    - Dibison
    - Diloforce
    - Dimantis
    - Elephander
    - Geno Breaker RS
    - Glaivequama
    - Grounchar
    - Gunbluster
    - Gun Sniper
    - Hammer Head
    - Hammer Rock
    - Killer Dome
    - Koenig Wolf
    - Liger Zero
    - Liger Zero X
    - Lightning Saix
    - Maccurtis
    - Mad Thunder
    - Raynos
    - Redler
    - Salamander
    - Shadow Fox
    - Sinker
    - Snipe Master
    - Spinosapper
    - Ultrasaurus
    - Wardick
    - Zabat

Verified Fuzors/Genesis 1st Edition Releases

    - The Zoids Genesis 1st edition kits come with a Zoids Scramble card, which is usually an image of the model kit (typically one of the ones from the box) over a plain background.

    - Bamburian
    - Bio Megaraptor
    - Bio Kentro
    - Bio Ptera
    - Bio Raptor
    - Bio Raptor Gui
    - Bio Tricera
    - Bio Tyranno
    - Black Rhimos
    - Brastle Tiger
    - Cannon Fort
    - Cannonry Molga
    - Command Wolf LC
    - Gravity Rex
    - Hayate Liger Special Edition*
    - Hound Soldier
    - Lanstag
    - Liger Zero Falcon
    - Rainbow Jerk
    - Murasame Liger
    - Soul Tiger
    - Sword Wolf
    - Zabat

    * The Hayate Liger Special Edition is not actually listed as a 1st edition, but does contain a Colosseum Card nevertheless. We included it because there isn't really another category for it to fit into.