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 With the development of social media platforms, companies gained the ability to publish additional content that wasn't limited strictly to their monthyly magazine release. CoroCoro has started posting a number of additional items on their website, where you can view all sorts of articles. We've translated some of these using google transplate (please be aware that there are mistakes!) so that viewers can get a better look at what these articles have to offer. While these translations are far from perfect, we hope they'll help people gain a wider view of the Zoids universe!

- Interview with Tokuyama, One of Zoid's Creators!

Tokuyama, the Creator of Zoids, and 56,560,000 characters!? The Exceedingly Long Interview!
 This was a massive interview posted to CoroCoro's website around the time that Zoids Wild was airing. The interview is with Mitsutoshi Tokuyama, one of the creators of Zoids who is both the lead designer of the Zoids Wild kits and a man who has been involved with the franchise since the OJR era. The articles contain a lot of interesting facts, so I highly recommend giving it a read!

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