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Posted: 2013-12-28 01:00:00

    I normally wouldn't do updates for unofficial things, but I feel like this warrants it! Anomarokarintou published their in-progress Zoids GF/NC0 Crossover film on December 24th. It is a 28 minute long feature that includes a battle of the Blitz Team Vs. the Guardian Force team, and has some amazing effort and contributions. Many people collaborated on supplying Zoids for the opening sequence, and overall this is a very cool work of fan art. No doubt an incredible effort was needed for this.

    You can view it here! Or just view below-

    Make sure that you have closed captioning on for English subtitles. Otherwise you will only see the Japanese subtitles that are embedded into the video.

    For further viewing the artist has submitted a lot of their eye catch images to their blog, found here. They've also submitted photo galleries of the Zoid rigs used in the video to their Pixiv here, but pixiv does require an account for viewing.

    Soon after this video was published, Ueyama who provided concept references for its creation published some new Zoids artwork on their twitter. This is as close to concept references as we'll ever have for these unique, manga-specific Zoids! Check out their twitter here for more.

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