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Posted: 2013-07-26 05:00:00

    This is a long one. The official Zoids site (Link) is going to be holding a photo contest. This is strictly for Japan residents ages 15 and up but I felt the need to go over the details here. Entries permit photo editing and there are categories for HMM, MSS, and Zoids Original. Entries opened today on July 26th and close on October 15th.

    This news is of particular interest because of its prizes. They will include several plated (chrome) Zoids, several translucent Zoids, and also some model kits. Below is a list of the prizes. I suspect they will be one of a kind, but that is only because I didn't see a mention of multiple winners for each category. There very well may be multiple entries! But you'll want to keep an eye out on Yahoo Japan auctions for them just in case.

Zoids Original Grand Prizes:
    - Plated Mirage Fox
    - Mirage Fox Clear Version
    - Zoids Original set of 2 (Model Kits)

HMM Contest Grand Prizes:
    - Plated HMM Liger Zero
    - HMM Godos (Clear Version)
    - HMM Iguan (Clear Version)
    - Decal set of 10 pieces (Randomized contents, cannot be chosen by winner)

MSS Contest Grand Prizes:
    - Plated MSS Great Sabre
    - "Natural Color" MSS Great Sabre (Painted, maybe? Not sure)
    - MSS Great Sabre model kit

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