ZW42 Kill Scythe!

Posted: 2020-04-18 20:35:04

 TakaraTomy has announced the next new Zoid, the Kill Scythe! We've been seeing a lot of this little guy in the new Zero anime OP, various commercials and WIPs, etc. but we finally have some data. Kill Scythe is a small-scale windup kit that will be released on May 23rd for 1,500 yen. You can view it and its box art on the TakaraTomy Mall, its info page on TakaraTomy's Official Website, and a DHM article which includes a couple of additional photos. We've also added its data to the model kit section!

 A mantis-type Zoid that specializes in close-range combat. Although it has low offensive strength on its own, it's an army-type unit that becomes a threat against large Zoids when it attacks in a group. When it falls into a dying state, it drops the powerful time bomb on its stomach on the enemy. At the command of the Captain's machine, they release their Machine Blast all at once and attach to the enemy, tearing apart the enemy's armor with the electromagnetic scythe and the chainsaw knife.

Excavation Site Center of Continent, Forest Zone
 Most of the time they had dropped their time bombs before becoming fossilized, but in rare cases they can be found with them still attached. Since these cases require careful attention, the excavation takes twice as long.

Wild Blast: Kill Crush
Length: 4.2 m
Height: 3.3 m
Weight: 9.2 tons
Max Speed: 175 km/h
IQ: 90
Equipment: Chainsaw Knife, Electromagnetic Scythe, Shield Wing, Smoke Discharger, Time Bomb, Twin Radar Antenna

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