ZW38 Omega Rex!  [Official]

Posted: 2020-02-12 04:53:46

 TakaraTomy and CoroCoro have steadily been teasing Omega Rex for months, and this beast has already appeared in the Zoids Wild 2 manga. Back in mid-January, CoroCoro posted an article discussing an upcoming CoroCoro 100 based on this Zoid, but it also contained an awesome, rainy image of it. Just yesterday, the Zoids Official twitter account posted our first big, clean product images!

- Omega Rex Teasing New Zoid!?

 A cheeky posted from the Zoids Official Twitter exhibited photos of the work place where they're developing the commercial for the upcoming Omega Rex. It contains some customs, but most interestingly -- a familiar little mantis in the foreground. We've heared whispers of these little Kill Scythes for a while, but this is a clever way to introduce them!


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