HMM Iron Kong Yeti!  [Official]

Posted: 2020-02-12 04:48:10

 In a surprise announcement, Kotobukiya informed us that they'll be releasing an HMM Iron Kong Yeti! This is the first Kong we've had in a while, and it has quite a unique color scheme. It is scheduled for a June 2020 release, for 16,000 yen. The kit comes with a clear colorless canopy and other transparent parts, in addition to the clear green. It also comes with additional decals, and alternate right shoulder equipment. Most notable, the gatling gun which closely mirrors its optional equipment from the Delusional War Record online comics, better known as the old Zoids Web Comic.

 Amazingly, when this kit was announced, the artist for its original web comic, Tanimeso posted two tweets with beautiful, clean images of it from the web comic. This shows the alternate equipment as well as some of the characters that appeared in the comic.

 It's worth mentioning that at the time of this announcement, a Twitter user posted images of other webcomic Zoids like the Geno Breaker Jet, Gojulas Mariner number 17, etc. Some users mistook this as a confirmation or teaser that these Zoids were going to appear as the next webcomic / Yuji Kaida HMM kits. This is not the case. It was another fan's musings about if it was possible that we'd get these kits too. HMM has done a number of kits from this series, and it is more than possible that they will do more in the future, but I wanted to clear this up because it has been thrown around as fact in a couple of circles.


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