Zoids Wild Zero News!  [Official]

Posted: 2020-02-12 04:44:03

- New Opening Theme!

 Zoids Wild Zero has been announced to be getting a brand new opening theme, which can be heard on various streaming services starting April 1st. The new opening is Player, by MAGIC OF LiFE. You can hear examples of their music on their Youtube channel. It's really wonderful! This also confirms that the series will go for quite a while longer. Surely Blu-Ray announcements cannot be far off?

- Anime Site Update!

 The official website for Zoids Wild Zero has had a huge update! It now includes a wide variety of character and Zoid profiles, instead of just those from the first couple of episodes. This includes character stock art and Zoid images of both the basic and Blast forms.

- Concept Art!

 We have lots and lots of concept art posted by the anime twitter account! the Empire's small communication device, Sally's Pendant (which contains a tiny Zoid Core, it looks like!), Raptoria's Cockpit, Imperial Empress Fiona's everyday clothes, Aysel's expressions, Col. Diaz's Parents, Col. Shelley, Republican President Crestwood, and most beautiful of all, the Republican Immigration Ship!


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