2020 World Hobby Fair (Winter)!  [Official]

Posted: 2020-02-12 04:34:45

 The World Hobby Fair just happened in Japan, so we're going to go over some of the event details! This year's theme is customizing, and as such, the 30 finalists from the My Zoids Contest were lined up at the venue to be voted on. The event also had a customizing booth for visitors to display their Zoids in and add assorted equipment, as well as various other entertainment, such as music and BCH events.

 The customization contest gave the opportunity to win a number of prizes, including the Awakened Wild Liger, Kabtor Rare White, Kuwaga Rare White, Gilraptor Rare Bone, and Fang Tiger White Tiger Form.

- Weapons from WHF!

 The event had a number of weapons you could obtain through various methods, with a total of 9 separate parts. You can expect to see more of these weapons in the future, so don't worry if you aren't able to obtain them!

Remodeling Booth: You could bring your Zoids to the remodeling booth and customize them with various items! The event may have gone by a ticket number system if it turned out to be crowded. From this base, you could obtain the: Horn Blade, Arc Knife, Grinder Cutter, Attachment Frame, Auto Saw, and Panzer Faust.

Voting For The Contest: By voting for the contest, attendees could get the Wing Cutter (one per person.)

Purchase Bonus: By purchasing Zoids Wild Series products at the sales corner inside the Zoids booth, you could obtain the Square Shield and the Mega Lance.

- Beast Liger Optical Camouflage Spec.!

 The Beast Liger Optical Camouflage Spec, a former CoroCoro 100 limited was on sale at the venue for 3,850 yen. Zoids Official posted some photos of this kit, an all clear Beast Liger.

- Wild Variation Diorama & Art!

 The bottom of the event page also posted some of the artwork from the instruction manuals, which show alternate versions of the Zoids! It's awesome to see clean digital images of these variations, some of which we've seen on twitter. The twitter posts were accompanied by custom model kits of the variations, a few of which appeared in a display at the WHF event.

 The customs displayed at the event were part of a huge diorama, which showed off stock kits, variation customs, and repainted kits. It was an impressive display! Also on display were the Armd Liger and friends from the new Zoids Wild EX-ZERO story that was published in Hobby Japan Magazine. The Armd Liger was customized into the Heavy Armor Custom, which had Cannon Pull's cannons and shoulder armor equipped. This lines up with what happened at the end of the first story.


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