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Posted: 2020-01-13 00:00:08

 Today I've added a Zoids Stats page! You can find this linked under the name list. I hope to someday (in the very distant future) have a much more complete Zoids Index, but it takes a long time to add each individual article, and in the mean time people (including myself) are often wanting a quick reference for stat lists of certain Zoids. This page will include the primary stats (length, height, weight, and maximum speed) as well as a weapons list that denotes the location of each individual weapon. This should hopefully remove a lot of the guess work about what your Zoids' weapons actually are.

 Some profiles rely on automatic translation, but weapon names are very straight forward. There should be relatively few mistakes that actually make a difference in what the weapon is or does. If you notice anything that seems off, feel free to let me know!

 This section is incomplete at the moment. There are still lots of things to add, like Zoids BLOX, some video game Zoids, obscure variations, etc. but its got quite a lot of the fan favorites on there already.


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