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Posted: 2020-01-11 23:11:09

 So, its been a long time since an update! But while I've been delaying updates, I've had some assistance from a good friend to revamp the news section. This site is almost a decade old, and has been archiving news posts going all the way back to 2013 (which, even still, is quite a while after the site began in 2010). Seven years worth of news posts squished into 6 extremely overcrowded pages. Which, of course, had to be manually updated every time there was a new news post, further augmenting the problem.

 News posts are now properly coded into a database, so that they can be sorted and browsed without killing your internet connection. All posts have at least 2-4 tags, which you can use to look up news for specific topics. This means that our links down below, to browse site-specific and official-specific news are both now properly updated every single time there's a news post! So if you only want to know what TakaraTomy is announcing in an official capacity, you can stay up to date. The links under our main news section will also include a tags page, so you can search more easily for specific topics.

 We've also implemented a comments section on a trial basis. I wanted people to be able to ask for clarification on certain topics, and thought this would be a convenient way to do so, without having a full blown forum (which isn't needed, with numerous active communities on facebook, discord, etc.) The current setup uses the Disqus comment system, and we'll be ensuring that it remains appropriate for all audiences. This means we ask that you be respectful to other posters, and avoid swearing. This system was created to help people better understand the franchise, and if it turns out to be used as a means to simply bash certain topics or people, with little civil discussion, it'll be removed.

* The links at the bottom of the page are broken, but will be fixed soon!

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