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Posted: 2019-08-26 05:00:00

    The hype for Zoids is well underway, and CoroCoro Online is steamrolling ahead with at least one new article a day. As part of their "Zoids Fest" event, they've published brand new artwork from Takao Aoki, one of the earliest manga artists to ever work on Zoids! This mostly features the Gold Liger from the earlier manga.

    Image 1: Post
    Image 1: Update
    Image 2: Post
    Image 2: Update

- Zoids Wild 2 Artwork

    In the same vein, Moricha, the artist of the Zoids Wild manga as well as the upcoming Zoids Wild 2 manga, is posting artwork as part of Zoids Fest. This includes a scene with the two series of Wild characters getting together for a fun day at the beach, with updates piece by piece each day. It surprised us with Shuuza (Kai's big brother) having such bright blue hair! It also introduces us to the heroine of Wild 2, Toujou Elly, seen by Penne.

    Image: Base
    Image: Update 1
    Image: Update 2
    Image: Update 3

- History of Zoids in CoroCoro

    CoroCoro has continued its article series "The Thorough Dissection of the History of Zoids", which looks back over the years and years of CoroCoro content for the franchise. We've included a list of articles below. CoroCoro has some cool pictures in the magazine that may interest older fans!

    Part 6: (2000 ~ 2001) Let's go, Liger! Liger Zero, nicknamed the "New Beast King!"
    Part 7: (2001 ~ 2002) Zoids BLOX, which allow transformation and unison appear!
    Part 8: (2004 ~ 2005) "Unison" and "Evolt" change Zoids into new forms!
    Part 9: (2018) "Zoids Wild" starts with a big impact!
    Part 10: (2018) "Zoids Wild" goes to a new stage!

- Zoids Super Picture Book

    The afforementioned articles aren't the only thing of note. CoroCoro also posted a new article set consisting of two parts, titled "Zoids Super Picture Look Looking Back At Earlier Kits!!" These articles showed off clean digital box art from the earlier series, providing an excellent look at Zoids of the past. Phase 1 Series (1983 ~ 1990) includes much of the "OJR". The article includes commercials that've been uploaded to CoroCoro's channel over the years, with a by-year release list. The Phase 2 (RZ - EZ) Series article, spanning from 1999 ~ 2000 covers stock photos for much of the NJR, also organized by year.

- Special Interview

    A final series running at the moment, but by far one of the most interesting is the article series "Zoids Wild Planning And Development Special Interviews", which is so far a 3 part series that talks to the staff of Zoids Wild. This includes so many interesting facts about the series, such as Fang Tiger being the originally intended hero Zoid. Even if you're using automatic translation it is well worth a read!

    Part 1: Link
    Part 2: The Latest Work Is Related To Zoids of Past Series!?
    Part 3: Past Revealed? The Future To Be Spun? Discussing Anime "Zoids Wild ZERO" & Manga "Zoids Wild 2"!!

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