Zoids Wild Weapon Sets!   [Official]

Posted: 2019-08-26 04:00:00

    Zoids Wild has posted two of its big weapon sets online! The ZW30 and ZW31 designation numbers are reserved for these two different sets, but it doesn't end there. Zoids Official has been subtly teasing us with photos of Wild customs, which have weapons that'll be featured in future releases, either through sets or promotional products. Two mentioned here are the Long Assault Cannon and the Mega Lance.

    The versitility of these weapons is excellent. They all have pegs and holes that allow them to be combined, stacked, etc. There's truly no limit to what they can be used for.

- ZW30 Assault Boost Unit

    ZW30, the Assault Boost Unit is the first officially designated weapons set released for Zoids Wild. It is scheduled for an October 5th release, for a price of 972 yen. The set features several weapons that were originally modeled on the Beast Liger and see in the September issue of CoroCoro.

    ZW30 Assault Boost Unit: Image reference
    A-Z Anti-Aircraft 4 Barrel Cannon x1 (bottom left)
    A-Z Impact Cannon x2 (upper left)
    All Weather High Power Booster x2 (bottom right)
    Ultra Electromagnetic Blade x2 (upper right)

    Now, I'd be remiss not to point out that we saw leaked silhouettes of ZW30 much earlier through a youtube video that has since been removed. The AZ 2-Barrel Cannon (upper right) was moved to the ZW31 Buster Radar Unit, and the chain saw was removed. The large cannon also appears to have some differences, if it is the same weapon. These were replaced with 2 additional weapons, perhaps because they fit well together. We do see a chainsaw on the Gilraptor custom (linked above) but the design is different.

- ZW31 Buster Radar Unit

    ZW30 is immediately followed by ZW31, the Buster Radar Unit. It has the same release date (October 5th) and price (972 yen), and was first seen modeled on the Sniptera in CoroCoro's September issue. This set has a surprisingly larger part count for being the same cost, with 11 equipment items compared to ZW30's 7 count. It also includes 2 articulated arms, which will be amazingly useful for customizing. It gives weapons free movement similar to the claws of the Geno Breaker.

    ZW31 BUster Radar Unit: Image reference
    A-Z 2-Barrel Cannon x2 (upper right)
    A-Z 3-Barrel Cannon x2 (lower left)
    A-Z 10-Shot Maneuver Missile x2 (center)
    A-Z Anti-Aircraft Gun x2 (upper left)
    Extensive Radome (disc)
    Flexible Arm x2 (bottom)


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