Zoids Wild Decals!  [Official]

Posted: 2019-04-27 07:00:00

    The May issue of CoroCoro was packaged with decals for the Wild Liger and Death Rex! These shiny decals could be used to create the "Wild Liger Thunder Lion Form" and the "Death Rex Burning Dragon Form". TakaraTomy has a tweet here showing them both off. CoroCoro also has a blog entry about it.

- New Campaign Decals

    TT has announced a new set of campaign stickers. The Wild Liger Blue Thunder Version and the Gil Raptor Black Dragon Version. Starting from April 27th, these decals can be obtained by purchasing 2,000 yen or more worth of items at participating stores. You can see them both applied to Zoids here, and there's a campaign page on the official site. TakaraTomy's youtube channel has a video showing them off in better detail.


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