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Posted: 2013-11-20 05:00:00

    TakaraTomy has posted on their website as well as the Kotobukiya Blog about a Zoids Exhebition Event that's being held from December 13th to December 18th! This event will have lots of panels, and you can view the page for it here.
    As far as we can tell from the page the event will include the following panels:

    1. Zoids Photo Contest Display: Will display the winners of the recent Photo Diaroma Contest. They will also show some of the honorable mentions that didn't win, but came very close!

    2. Diaroma Photo Shoot: In this event users can bring in their own Zoids to be part of a collaborative diorama display! A commemorative photo will be taken with the diorama.

    3. Companies Zoids Exhibition: This event will show upcoming releases and new products developed by current Zoids Companies. It will have upcoming and popular kits from Zoids Original, MSS, HMM, and even the new threezero Shield Liger!

    4. Zoids Classics Exhibition: This panel will display old box arts and packages from nostalgic Zoids products, back in the days when Tomy sold motorized models.

    5. Dengeki Hobby Magazine Photo-Exhibition: Will display customs and kits that formerly appeared in Dengeki Hobby Magazine.

    6. Zoids SS Raw Manuscript Exhibit: Will show the raw versions of the Zoids SS comic as seen in DHM.

    7. Zoids Video Collection: Will broadcast original Zoids commercials as well as the Original videos.

    8. Mercy Rabbit Autograph Session: Will allow members to get HMM packages signed by Mercy Rabbit, who does the box arts for Kotobukiya.

    9. Sales Area: Will have kits for sale from Zoids Original, MSS, and HMM variety. A lucky few customers will also receive a signed concept art book, signed by the author. Only 30 of these books will be put into circulation.

    (And more!!)

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