New Zoids Wild Zero Key Visual!  [Official]

Posted: 2020-03-30 10:49:33

 There's a new key visual for the Zoids Wild Zero anime series! This was recently posted on twitter, and features a gorgeous landscape with the Rising Liger, Omega Rex, and our first look at the Sonic Bird. The purple lining behind Omega Rex also bares a striking resemblance to the mysterious Zoid from CoroCoro...


New Zoids Wild Zero Radio Program!  [Official]

Posted: 2020-03-30 10:49:17

 It looks like we'll also be getting a new radio program for Zoids Wild Zero! We had one of these that ran during Zoids Wild, too. This time it'll be co-starring the two lead actresses, the voice actors of Sally and Aysel. The program will be destributed by Onsen every week on Thursday, starting from April 2nd. It's likely that we'll also see the new OP and ED of Zoids Wild Zero on this date, as the singles are releasing immediately after! The Anime ZW Twitter account posted a variation of the new key visual for this announcement, featuring just the Rising Liger.


ZW Zero Concept Art!  [Official]

Posted: 2020-03-30 10:48:08

 This week we got concept art of Frank Land's metallized right arm. Although we've seen this in the show, it'll be interesting to see how it develops in the future.


Zoids Wild Concept Art & Images!  [Official]

Posted: 2020-03-19 03:44:11

 We have a few more images from Zoids Wild and Wild Zero. First, a couple of character concepts: Fiona's Everyday Wear, and normal!Aldrich Vs. when he is piloting the Genospino. We also have a Zoids height chart, which shows some impressive scales. The Kongs are huge, and Jammingas (beside Beast Liger) are tiny. Although not necessarily a concept, the anime twitter also posted a high-res Fang Tiger image.


Zoids Wild Zero Concepts!  [Official]

Posted: 2020-03-08 14:30:11

 We have two new concept arts for Zoids Wild Zero. The first is Fiona's attendant, Gene Eleceene Lyney, who is played by Makiko Ohmoto, and the second is the Kuwaga's cockpit interior, which includes some B-Suit sketches. As a fun side note, Gene's name is spelled the same as Fiona's true name from Zoids Chaotic Century (which in Japanese, is Eleceene Lyney). In the dub, Fiona (Fine's) true name was pronounced as Elisia Linette. As gene works for Empress Fiona, it's a clear nod towards older fans.


Zoids Wild Zero News!  [Site]

Posted: 2020-03-02 04:43:25

 A teaser video for the new Zoids Wild Zero opening, which will be appearing soon, has been posted to Youtube! An article from natalie announced that there will also be a new opening, done by H△G. You can listen to some of their beautiful songs on their official Youtube Channel!

- Opening Teaser

- Concept Art

There are a few new pieces of concept art! One is a height chart of the active characters currently in the show. The other is a series of concept art images revolving around Zeppette, a mysterious man stranded on the island, and his dwelling space.


Zoids Wild Concept Art!!  [Site]

Posted: 2020-02-17 22:57:18

 We have a few new pieces of artwork for Zoids Wild! The first two are from the Wild Zero anime twitter, featuring the Land Laboratory. There's an interior and an exterior view. Then from Moritya we have pictures of Kai and Gallagher the 13th, from the Zoids Wild 2 manga! These images were originally published in the March issue of CoroCoro Comic, but it's great to see them in such crisp detail.


Zoids Wild Zero Concept Art!  [Official]

Posted: 2020-02-15 10:18:05

 We have two new pieces of concept art from Zoids Wild Zero. Jake Ramon, who dreams about flying through the sky and sets out to make a number of flying crafts, and Hanna Melville, a Lieutenant from the Imperial Army who acts as an assistant for Dr. Frank Land.


Zoids Wild Zero News!  [Official]

Posted: 2020-02-12 04:44:03

- New Opening Theme!

 Zoids Wild Zero has been announced to be getting a brand new opening theme, which can be heard on various streaming services starting April 1st. The new opening is Player, by MAGIC OF LiFE. You can hear examples of their music on their Youtube channel. It's really wonderful! This also confirms that the series will go for quite a while longer. Surely Blu-Ray announcements cannot be far off?

- Anime Site Update!

 The official website for Zoids Wild Zero has had a huge update! It now includes a wide variety of character and Zoid profiles, instead of just those from the first couple of episodes. This includes character stock art and Zoid images of both the basic and Blast forms.

- Concept Art!

 We have lots and lots of concept art posted by the anime twitter account! the Empire's small communication device, Sally's Pendant (which contains a tiny Zoid Core, it looks like!), Raptoria's Cockpit, Imperial Empress Fiona's everyday clothes, Aysel's expressions, Col. Diaz's Parents, Col. Shelley, Republican President Crestwood, and most beautiful of all, the Republican Immigration Ship!


Zoids Concept Art!  [Official]

Posted: 2020-01-11 23:03:00

 This week we have some non-anime concept art! Starting with the Bazootle sketches, the Genospino sketches, and some Pachycedos sketches. As a fascinating last note, Shinohba, who worked on the old Zoids web comics, posted two concepts of the Quad Liger, one of which we have seen photos of before. These are beautiful, clear images of this Zoid's design process. Quad LIger can always use some more love!

- Zoids Wild Zero Concepts

 When you move on to Wild Zero concept art, there is a heaping ton of it. So let's begin! Fortress City Mosaic, Brigadier General Seeger, General Garrett, Lapis Island, Genospino Restoration Site, Imperial Army Weapons, Abandoned Town at the bottom of the cliffs (sky view), Sniptera Cockpit, Brigadier General Collins, Frank Land, On-board the Science Ship, Leo's All-purpose Armament, Baan, Diaz, Jo Aysel, Lieutenant Knox, Beast Liger Cockpit, Imperial Army Training Area, and finally, the Genospino Cockpit.


Interview with Hazuki Senda!  [Official]

Posted: 2020-01-11 23:02:56

 A recent article from Startt featured an interview with Hazuki Senda, the voice actress of Sally Land in Zoids Wild Zero. She was attending an event in Tokyo at the time, and discussed her childhood enthusiasm for the franchise, etc. You can read the article here~


Zoids Wild Zero Profiles!!  [Official]

Posted: 2020-01-11 23:02:55

 The Zoids Official twitter has posted a few of the profiles that air at the end of each episode of Zoids Wild Zero. So far they have posted the Gatling Fox, the Beast Liger, and the Stylaser.


Zoids Wild Zero Concept Art!   [Official]

Posted: 2019-10-17 02:00:00

    A huge amount of concept art has been posted for Zoids Wild Zero! First is Luc, who we saw in Episode 1 piloting a Cannon Bull. Next up is Buzz Cunningham, Leo's business partner. Next is Sally Land, the mysterious girl introduced in Episode 1. Last but not least for the current characters is our main character, Leo Conrad! We also have concepts of the city edge, showing a stark difference between the ruins and the glimmering city in the distance.

    We also have concepts for a couple of the upcoming characters! Aldridge is a Major in the Imperial Army, commanding Guiller and Luc. He pilots the Zoid "Stylaser" that specializes in laser attacks. He's voiced by Shinichiro Miki.

    Next up is Lieutenant Colonel Diaz, who pilots the Triceradogos Kai, and will be encountering Leo soon. He is voiced by Satoshi Mikami.

    On the Zoids front we have an early concept of the Spideath! This Zoid underwent radical design changes throughout the process, including a different color. It's neat seeing these variations! We also have a head and Mane Claw concept for the Beast Liger.


Zoids Wild Zero Concept Art!   [Official]

Posted: 2019-10-07 03:00:00

    The Anime Zoids Wild Twitter has posted a couple new character concepts! First is Dr. Bowman, Sally's Grandfather. "A scientist who holds the key to Earth's regeneration. He's an important person who will influence the development of future stories."  His voice actor is Yoshito Yasuhara.

    The second is Sergeant Shell. "A Seargent in the Imperial Army. He pilots the weaponized Zoid, the Bazootle. Will the powerful firepower of the Bazootle stop Leo from moving forward!?"  His voice actor is Kenji Hamada.


ZW Zero Episode Discussion!   [Discussion]

Posted: 2019-10-06 04:00:00

- Anime Site Update!

    The anime-specific site for Zoids Wild Zero has updated! It now includes profiles for the characters and Zoids. Definitely check it out for the art images! We'll provide some google translations below (some details may not be accurate.) Since these translations have some spoilers, we'll be putting them under spoiler tags. Click the name to expand!

    Leo Conrad:

Second Generation Settlement
    A passionate person with a strong sense of justice. He operates a courier business along with his buddy Buzz. He's especially skilled at modifying Zoids, and the Liger that he rides around like a horse is also a Zoid that he found and repaired by himself. Due to the mysterious light of Sally's pendant, Leo himself has had segments on the left half of his body become metalized as the Liger evolves.
    Basically, while most Zoid Riders who are Wild Blasted can't control their Zoid without using a B-Proof Suit, Leo can ride without it. He has all-purpose armor and is good at close range warfare. He meets Sally, and with Liger, they go on a journey to save the planet.

    Sally Land

First Generation Settlement
    A gentle girl with a strong heart.

    Like her grandfather, Dr. Bowman, she hates Zoids being used as weapons of war, and has a strong sense of the mission to save the planet.

    Leo helped her when she was being chased by the Imperial Army.

    Usually, the First Generation isn't able to adapt to the Earth's environment, so it's necessary for them to wear masks that assist with breathing, but like Leo, she was able to adapt to the Earth's environment by bathing in the mysterious light of the pendant.

    Because of a long period of cold sleep, she appears younger than Leo even though she's First Generation.

    She decides to go look for her missing grandfather, traveling with Leo to save the planet.

    Buzz Cunningham:

Second Generation Settlement
    A courier, working as business partners with Leo. He's not a bad person, but his money making priorities sometimes clash with Leo.

    Because of his wide range of occupations he's a man of many faces, with good negotiation skills and the ability to get through military checkpoints with smooth talking.

    For Leo, who's more of a dreamer, the more realistic Buzz is a good big brother.

    He drives a repaired 21st century jeep as his means of transportation.


Second Generation Settlement
    Imperial Army: Captain

    His was tasked with capturing Sally, so he aims for Leo.

    He handles a remodeled Cannon Bull and charges for Leo and the Beast Liger.

    Beast Liger:

Leo Conrad's Zoid
    A legendary lion type Zoid with red and white armor.

    It boasts high combat and athletic skills. When it achieves evolution unlock during the Evo Blast, it expands the weapons from the back, and changes into a more aggressive form.

    The Mane Claws are characterized by their ability to be deployed in two stages, so that they can change their attack according to the reach. At the first stage, three huge red claws (the Red Mane Claw) appear, and at the second stage, the golden claws (Gold Mane Claw) appear, and the "Beast of Claw - Break" is used.

    Cannon Bull:

Luc's Zoid
    The Cannon Bull is a buffalo-type Zoid that specializes in medium-range artillery.

    It has thick armor and has been modified to attack using missiles and cannons.

    It has sturdy limbs and hooves, and is strong enough to withstand heavy armor and weaponry.

    When using the weapon release "Machine Blast", the bullet shield on its back is deployed, and the 9-Burst Cannon appears from within.

    The Nine Burst Cannon, which fires three shells at once from right to left, has an overwhelming firepower that will blow an enemy away.

- Zoids Wild Zero Ending!

    Voice Actress Hazuki Senda, who plays Sally Land in the new anime, will be making her singing debut with the ending theme to Zoids Wild Zero. The original Wild anime also worked with some new artists for some of the themes, so it's nice to see this trend continuing.

- Concept Art!

    The Anime twitter shared a small concept art sketch of Luc. They also shared some more detailed concept art of the Catalga. A variation of which appeared in a minor capacity in Episode 1 of Zero.

- Episode 1 Discussion!

    Episode 1 aired on Friday, and there was so much to take in! I'm going to take a few minutes to discuss the various details, and some translation bits from Falcarius. All discussion will be in spoiler tags out of respect for anyone who hasn't seen the episode yet. Translations from Falcarius will be in gray boxes.

    Series Introduction
    The series opened with a scene full of rampaging Zoids running through the city. Not only destroying buildings, but attacking each other. This set the stage for where the series began, and how things ended up the way that they are.

    The cause of the large-scale tectonic shifts occurring frequently all over the world, as well as the unprecedented abnormal weather conditions, may have some connection to the huge flying object that fell from space one week ago...

    Monsters! First the tectonic shifts, now monsters that look like machines have appeared in the heart of the city! Are they living creatures or are they mecha? The unknown monsters are destroying the city!

    Due to the sudden appearance of Zoids and large-scale tectonic shifts, the Earth temporarily fell to ruin.

    Episode Storyline

    Our first introduction to Leo is a valiant leap across the Aegis Barrier, a vast chasm between the city and ruins that lay on the other side. The Liger's makeshift boosters fail, and he plummets to the bottom. Leo's grand goal is to create equipment that'll allow the Liger to leap over the chasm, shaving hours off of their commute to the ruins. A popular hunting ground for scrap.

    Leo's efforts are aimed at the eventual benefit of his business, a courier business that he runs with his friend, Buzz Cunningham. Buzz doesn't have much faith in Leo's antics, but he follows along, and drags him back to work when needed.

    Their scavenging expedition is interrupted by the scream of a young girl. They find her surrounded by the Jamming, broken down Zoids that have yet to be explained. These ferocious creatures are determined to kill her, and they're not the last of her problems. In the chaos she drops her mask, and has no time to go back for it.

    After Leo rescues her, he realizes that she's a First Generation. Beings who are unable to adapt to Earth's atmosphere, requiring a mask to properly breath. She's weak, and unable to run. Adding onto her problems, she's being persued by the Empire. Luc, pilot of the Cannon Bull is tasked with bringing her back. Although she tries to volunteer to return with Luc, to save Leo from the crossfire, Leo still intervenes and gets her out of the building.

    Buzz: "A mask? [something I can't make out]?"
    Leo: "I mean, look, she's having trouble breathing."
    Buzz: "The only people who need masks on the surface are a generation older than us. No matter how you look at her, she's a teenage girl."

    With the rest of Luc's unit in hot pursuit, Leo calls for the Liger. Together they take out the pursuing Zoids. No sooner than they do, Luc appears with his Cannon Bull. This heavy artillery machine is too much for the Liger to handle, and it quickly loses its edge in the battle.

    Soon Sally realizes her pendant is glowing. She flings it at the Liger, who promptly transforms into the Beast Liger. This is the result of Dr. Bowman's, her grandfather's research. While Luc assumes Leo couldn't possibly use the Wild Blast, he turns the tables by using the "Evo Blast" instead. As the fight goes on, Leo realizes that parts of his body are becoming metalized, like the Liger.

    Sally: "Are you going to use a Wild Blast?"
    Leo: "Evolution Unleash! Evo Blast!"
    Luc: "Idiot! As if you could withstand the shock of a Wild Blast without a B-Proof Suit! Nine Burst Cannon!"
    Leo: "Heheh, your bullets look like they're standing still!"
    Luc: "How is he okay? His cockpit should be under tremendous shock!"
    Leo: "Beast Of Claw... Break!"
    Luc: (after being defeated) "So those are the results of Doctor Bowman's research... No wonder the higher-ups are so obsessed."

    They win the fight, and make a hasty retreat, but the future is very uncertain for our group.

    Episode Impressions

Backgrounds and Effects:
    What really stands out about Wild Zero is the effect usage. It travels a careful line between just perfect, and a little too much. Tons of detail applied in the post processing stage that adds so much to how the series looks. Everything from the lighting, to the gradients, and subtle blurs. The explosions look great, and every single gun shot has a nice effect applied for the muzzle flashes.

    Even the backgrounds are amazing. Tons of detail squished into every frame. This series has really stepped up its development process compared to earlier ones, with a lot of additive detail to fully immerse Zoids into their environment.

Shout Outs:
    There are a lot of similarities to earlier series you might notice while watching Zero. In particular, I appreciated the title cards, which use the same rusty stone format as the title cards of CC, GF, and NC0. The Eye Catches are also incredibly similar to the ones seen in Zoids Chaotic Century and Guardian Force.

Story and Characters:
    While I haven't formed a distinct opinion of the characters yet, they're very riminiscent of earlier series. I don't know why, but Leo reminds me so much of Athle. The designs are nice and familiar.

    When it comes to story, this series introduced a lot of questions in the very first episode. It rivals CC in its balance of sci-fi and magic, and I look forward to seeing how this is handled. The B-Proof (Blast Proof, possibly?) suits are an interesting concept, separating the Zoid from their pilot, in a sense. With even the Wild Blast being treated as dangerous it's certainly a different atmosphere from Wild. What are the Jamming? Why did they end up that way? And what was Dr. Bowman's research?

    I sincerely hope that the series continues on this path, as so far, it has left us wanting so much more!

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Zoids Wild Zero News!   [Official]

Posted: 2019-09-14 11:00:00

    Zoids Wild Zero is broadcasting on October 4th, and TT has just announced several new broadcasting options. It'll be airing on Wakayama TV every Thursday at 5:30 PM, Sendai TV every Sunday at 8:30 AM, and missed broadcasts will be uploaded to CoroCoro Channel (Youtube) every Saturday at 8:30 AM after the initial broadcast. The Youtube uploads will likely be region locked, as they were for the first anime.

    A live broadcast being held tomorrow will feature a promotion on Zoids Wild Zero! This may not be accessible to overseas viewers. In the mean time, a character sketch of the main character was posted by the lead character designer over on Twitter~

- Zoids Wild Zero Opening Theme!

    Last but not least, the opening for Zoids Wild Zero has been announced! "blue blue blue" by Ivy to Fraudulent Game is now viewable on the band's youtube channel. They have a lot of excellent music. I highly recommend checking out their stuff!


Zoids Wild Zero PV!   [Discussion]

Posted: 2019-08-30 02:00:00

    TakaraTomy has posted a new PV for Zoids Wild Zero! This video was originally shown at the C3AFA Tokyo event, where photography was not allowed. Now that it's posted online there's so much to take in! We see a lot of new colored Zoids or those with weapon customizations. Cockpits appear to materialize around pilots, with a much more complex user interface. We see two logos for the Republic and the Empire. The animation is amazingly detailed in all regards, and all in all, it's shaping up to be an excellent series!

- Preview Video

- Discussion

    So, with the trailer having so much interesting content, I thought it'd be fun to take a closer look at it. Everything in this discussion section is pure speculation. I've got no insider info, it's just random stuff observed while rewatching the trailer!

    As we enter the trailer we see a lot of beautiful background art. Some of the shots stand out as a prestine urban environment with carefully groomed grass, well kept streets, and a skyline made of glass. Yet, as you look to the background of Image 1, we see a devastated ruin environment. The city facing away from it. This ruin zone seems to be heavily policed by Zoids of the Empire.

    This ruin environment isn't just inhabited by the Empire, however. It seems skeletal Zoids, lacking in armor also roam the streets, exhibiting extreme aggression towards humans. This may very well be because of their tension with the Imperial army Zoids, but the animation for them is excellent. Even the raptor in the background seems to shy away, reluctant to attack as its allies get gunned down. We can certainly hope to see more of this in the show, with an animation style that seems to imply an overall budget increase for this second series. Furthermore, what is this green substance that seems to glow from inside the Zoids?

    We know from earlier interviews that the series will consist of two major groups, a Republic and an Empire. This power balance echoes earlier series, and the character designs definitely echoe a civilian Vs. Empire mind set. We catch a glimpse of their logo on the pilot interface, as well as an obscured shot of the Republic's logo behind the Republican Army text.

    In an interesting turn of events it seems as if pilots of the Empire, at least, link up to their Zoids to activate the Machine Blast. Not only do we see a suit diagram, but two large screws on the back of Luc's suit appearing to bolt in a cable that likely links to the Zoid. Upon the activation of the Machine Blast, the visor that covers the Zoid's natural eyes generates a glitchy graphic and the ability activates.

    This link setup seems to be absent for Leo, who pilots the Beast Liger. While he's left with basic controls, it seems that cockpits for both Zoids (regardless of alliance) are forged of energy and appear to generate around the pilot once the interface is activated. This open air look will provide a lot more immersion for the pilots.

    Last but not least, it's apparent through most of the trailer that Leo is piloting a customized Liger, featuring two large tanks on its back. How does this relate to the Beast Liger he's piloting later in the episode? Does it perhaps "evolt"? Is it a full customization? And why is Leo out in the ruin zone to begin with?

    There are a lot of things to look forward to with Zoids Wild Zero, and many unanswered questions. The environment looks interesting and engaging, especially to old time fans who often like these opposing environments. The Zoids are well animated, and post processing has taken a big step to better blend them with a dynamic environment. The character art is so reminescent of older series, and while I found the character designs underwhelming to begin with, this trailer makes them really grow on you. It's exciting to watch. Perhaps I'm way overhyping a simple trailer, but there are a lot of things for us older fans to love about this, and I hope people don't mind the long ramble here on the news page!

    Once again, the series is scheduled to start airing on October 4th! Let's look forward to seeing this exciting new development for the Zoids franchise!


Zoids Wild Zero!   [Official]

Posted: 2019-08-26 08:00:00

    TakaraTomy hosted a booth at the recent C3AFATokyo (Anime Festival Asia) event, announcing some new details about Zoids Wild Zero! This upcoming anime had several subsequent articles from various sources that were posted around the same time. The booth itself hosted an impressive Beast Liger 3-dimensional display, where users could view the Zoid going through some of its animations. Thanks to Vig for capturing this video!

The booth also had a BCH machine near by, and gave out event-limited Hunter Wolf cards along with cooling pads, to help battle the hot weather. Several staff and voice actors were announced, which we'll list below.

    The series was announced to begin broadcast on October 4th, at 5:55 pm (JST) on TV Tokyo.

- Staff

    There are some big names returning to the franchise, including the director, lead writer, and character designer from Chaotic Century and New Century /Zero. The character design in particular is notably the "Zoids" outfit style, and it's nostalgic to see so many familiar faces after such a long time.

    Director: Takao Kato (Director of Chaotic Century & New Century /Zero)
    Character Designer: Tadashi Sakatsuki (Character designer of Chaotic Century and New Century /Zero)
    Lead Writer: Kenichi Araki (Lead writer of Chaotic Century and New Century /Zero)
    Acoustic Director: Yuki Matsuoka (Zoids Wild and Wild Zero)
    Music: By Yoshihisa Hirano

    One of the most notable names dropped is Takao Kato, who is returning as the director. Takao was also the director of Zoids Chaotic Century and New Century /Zero. Character designer Tadashi Sakatsuki and lead writer Kenichi Araki will also be returning, having worked on the two earlier series as well.

- Voice Actors

    A list of voice actors was noted in articles and event information, with a list below. An article from Natalie notes that the lead VA, playing the part of Leo, also watched Zoids back in elementary school. They never dreamed that after 20 years they'd be playing the lead role in the new series.

    Leo Conrad: (Beast Liger Pilot) Played by Naoki Minamo
    Sally Land: Played by Hazuki Chida
    Buzz Cunningham: Played by Makoto Homura (Also Deed in Fuzors)
    Jo Aysel: (Raptoria Pilot) Played by Yoko Hikasa
    Christopher Giller: Played by Toshiki Masuda

- Teasers

    Dengeki Hobby Online posted an article during the event showing off some brand new screen shots! This even shows a new version of Beast Liger, which shares simularities to the underwater variant shown in the booklet, with some key differences in the leg armor design. The background art, from what little we can see seems to be a big improvement, with post processing effects really bringing out the dynamic action shots that we've seen.

    While the Anime Site technically opened a short while ago, they officially launched during the event. A new story page was added, giving some fascinating looks at earlier lore! It's very possible that Wild Zero will pick up on the Concept Art Book lore. Falcarius was kind enough to provide the translation below.

    "Zoids are metal lifeforms with the will to fight, which live on the far side of the galaxy. With their planet coming to its end, mankind aimed for Earth as a second home, but due to runaway Zoid Factors and an unforeseen time warp, Zoids suddenly appeared on 21st century Earth. Earth was temporarily devastated by repeated tectonic shifts and destruction from the Zoids.

    "Leo excavates the Beast Liger, and with it as his partner, he sets out on an adventure with a girl called Sally that will affect the future of Earth."


Zoids Wild Zero!   [Official]

Posted: 2019-08-17 13:00:00

    Exciting news! The second season of Zoids Wild has officially been confirmed! This season veers back towards our traditional Zoid roots, with older characters that sport familiar design styles, long ranged equipment, and even some basic, stylized cockpits. Wild fans can still enjoy the continuation of the model kit series, and older fans can feel more at home with the familiar design model. The new series is slotted to start airing on TV Tokyo Network in October, and will feature a different cast from the upcoming manga, Zoids Wild 2.

    A teaser video has been posted, and can be viewed below! Funny enough, it uses some flavor text in the background that was lifted directly from the Zoids Wiki article of the Zoid Eve. Some fans have taken this to mean that it has a direct connection to Chaotic Century, but please be aware that all indication is that this is text lifted to be used as filler. Background text also includes some lorem ipsum, with notes about it being dummy text.

    There's an new official anime site for Zero, as well as a TV Tokyo specific website located here. The main visual for the series can be viewed on the anime site. Falcarius was kind enough to translate the official information that we do have, directly from the video. You can view it below!

    After being ravaged by large-scale crustal shifts and the sudden appearance of out-of-control Zoids, the Earth began to walk a new history. It was a world where the Republic Army, which sought to coexist with Zoids, and the Empire Army, which demonstrated its strength by weaponising Zoids, fought for supremacy over the Earth. As the flames of battle spread, a boy who specialises in customising Zoids meets a girl who holds the key to restoring the Earth, and they set off on a journey to save the Earth along with their Zoids. To create the future, as they each hold their own feelings in their hearts, a new Zoids story begins: ZOIDS WILD ZERO.

    Leo Conrad: A boy who specialises in customising Zoids.
    Beast Liger: A legendary Zoid with a white and red mane. Has extremely high combat abilities.

    Jo Aysel (Republic Army)
    Raptoria: Specialises in close-range attacks, cutting up enemies with its six claws.

    Lieutenant Colonel Diaz (Republic Army)
    Triceradogos Kai: A Triceradogos customised for anti-air firing.

    Squad Leader Luc (Empire Army)
    Cannon Bull: A weapon Zoid that performs powerful mid-range bombardment. Specialises in attacking with missiles and cannons.

    Sergeant Shell (Empire Army)
    Bazootle: Has high defensive strength and specialises in firing from the rear lines with five types of weapons.

    First Lieutenant Giller (Empire Army): Nicknamed the Red Reaper.
    Sniptera: One of the few aerial combat Zoids, specialising in precise sniping from the sky.

    Buzz Cunningham: Works with Leo in an older brother-type role.
    Sally Land: Has a mysterious pendant and holds the key to restoring the Earth.

- Official Teaser

- Navigation