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MPZ Shield Liger Display!  [Official]

Posted: 2016-02-07 01:00:00

    While not necessarily news, TT also had a display set up to show the walking motion of the Masterpiece Zoids Shield Liger. It seems the sounds aren't properly synced up with the kit, but hopefully that's just the result of it having been running for a few hours.


MPZ Saber Tiger!  [Official]

Posted: 2015-10-10 03:00:00

    A final look at the MPZ Saber Tiger has started to appear online! The Zoid is now up for pre-order on sites like AmiAmi, Hobby Search, etc. with a release date of mid March 2016. The kit also includes additional face parts for the muzzle and forehead that can be swapped out with the basic kit, making the Zoid appear to snarl. Retail price is 14,040 Yen with varying discounts depending on your store of choice. There's no extra parts for ordering from Amazon at the moment.


MPZ Shield Liger Delay!  [Official]

Posted: 2015-10-04 01:00:00

    The release date for the Masterpiece Zoids Shield Liger has been pushed back until February 2016.


MPZ Shield Liger Photos!  [Official]

Posted: 2015-05-04 01:00:00

    The Zoids Info twitter has posted our first real clear look at the stand for the Masterpiece Shield Liger. It's an interesting look!


Designer of MP Shieldy Interview!  [Official]

Posted: 2015-04-30 03:00:00

    TakaraTomy has posted an interview with their designers who've been working on the Masterpiece Shield Liger. This is a very in depth video which has a lot of very interesting views. It contains CGI renditions of the figure and a wide variety of prototype stages shown in action. Included is also an NJR Shield Liger for a comparison of shape, design, and function. This reveals that the Masterpiece model will indeed be larger than the original version.

    Other design aspects are also discussed, such as the semi-realism animal sketches. These were used to rough out the expression of the face and desired shape of the mane. They also go on to say how they compared the original kits to the more realistic motions of these animals to improve the design.

    While this video is in Japanese you can get google translated subtitles by clicking the CC button. Subtitles will appear in Japanese. Click the gear icon at the bottom right and select 'Translate' with the language of your country.


Masterpiece Shield Liger Video!  [Official]

Posted: 2015-04-24 02:00:00

    The Masterpiece Shield Liger page has been updated with color photos! We now get to see that this Zoid will also have an armorless form, and many transparent parts to accomodate the lights. Seen above is a new commercial featuring the walk cycle and breathing motions. The movement of the paws looks amazing compared to older generation motorized kits.

    The kit is scheduled for an October Release at a price of 12,000 Yen. This is roughly $103.


Masterpiece Shield Liger Photos!  [Official]

Posted: 2015-04-07 01:00:00

    There are a few new pictures on the Zoids Info Twitter of the Masterpiece Shield Liger! Hopefully soon we will be seeing some video.


DHM Masterpiece Shieldy Photos!  [Official]

Posted: 2015-03-27 02:00:00

    Dengeki Hobby Magazine has posted a new series of photos of the Masterpiece Shield Liger! These include photos published during the month's issue with a few extras.


New Motorized Zoid From TT!  [Official]

Posted: 2015-03-16 01:00:00

    Takara Tomy has teased a new Zoid, though what this figure entails is yet to be seen. It mentions more life like movement than previous figures and possible electronics, with more currently unknown. With the figure being poseable it may be possible that the electronics are just lights, rather than fully motorized as speculated by some. We're still waiting for more information.

    This news is accompanied by the announcement of a new TT Twitter Account. A teaser was also posted in CoroCoro, which can be seen on Twitter.

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