- An Article on Auction Sightings

    Auctions, even for those unable to bid are fun and exciting to watch. It can be fascinating to see how some kits can ascend in price and to see rare and interesting products -- even those that are cheap are sometimes very rare! This page will serve to not only archive current auctions and sightings but also reflect the value of past items sold.

    Got your eyes on an interesting auction, or want us to help you keep an eye out for something in particular? Contact us! If you're reporting a sighting, provide the link. If you're looking for a specific kit or figure, let us know if you'd like to be privately informed before sightings are posted publically.

    For those that wish to provide insight on some past auctions or interesting price values, please make sure that you provide an auction link!

New auctions listed in green! Updated June 21st.


    EB: Ebay
    MR: Mandarake
    RK: Rakuten
    TB: Taobao
    YJ: Yahoo Japan

    We do not currently have experience ordering from Taobao. It is based in China and frequently has unusual bootlegs, customs, and fan-made resin kits and paper crafts. See our Buying Zoids article for information on buying from other sources!

- What's Selling Now?

Chaotic Century DVD Set: Complete with postcards. Posted at 30,000 Yen. Yahoo Japan.
New Century Zero DVD Set: Posted at 11 Yen. Yahoo Japan.
Yujin BLOX: Posted at 1,370 Yen. Yahoo Japan.

Hound Soldier OJR MIB: Posted at 15,000 Yen. Mandarake.

Descartes Dragon MIB: Posted at 5,500 Yen. Rakuten.
Blade Liger (Gold Plated): Posted at 70,000 Yen. Rakuten.
Leostriker HT MIB: Posted at 1,800 Yen. Rakuten.

- Notable Auctions of the Past

Model Kits:
All MIB unless stated otherwise.

    Blade Liger (Black Plated): Built. Ended for $205.

    Blade Liger (Blue Plated): Built. Ended for $670.

    Blade Liger (Gold Plated): Built. Ended for $446.

    Blade Liger (Silver Plated): Built. Ended for $404.

    Geno Breaker Jet B Fan-Made Resin Kit: Ended for $250.

    Geno Saurer (Gold Plated): Built kit ended for $564.

    Geno Saurer (Silver Plated): Built. Ended for $135. MIB ended for $92.

    Ice Blazer: Ended for $355.

    Iron Kong MK-II (Limited): Built. Ended for $1,210

    Konig Wolf (Zoids 2 Black Plated): MIB ended for $1200. Second MIB ended for $600. Built, no box, ended for $600 and was later resold for $820.

    Murasame Liger (Z Point Colored clear version). Built kit ended at $1,000. Later MIB kits ended for $300 and $260.

    Shield Liger (Gold Plated): Built, Missing parts. Ended for $400.


    Zoids Head Collection: Full set of 12, Ended for $110.


    Zoids Encyclopedia Doujinshi: Ended for $300.